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Berkshire Junior Chess

Pairs Tournament
Date:Sat, 19-Jun-2010
Event Type:Tournament
Location: Dolphin School, Hurst
Directions: Hinton Road, Hurst. One mile from Twyford Station. From Twyford take the B3018 towards Bracknell. The school entrance is on the right just before the junction with Hinton Road.
Maps: StreetMap, Google, or Bing.
Notes:You will need to find a partner to take part in this tournament. Both players play alternate moves without consultation, so each game requires four players.
Each team consists of two players who play alternate moves without consultation. The total English Chess Federation standard play rating of the two players must not exceed 200. If the total Berkshire rating of the two players does not exceed 1750, the pair will be eligible to win the Minor Trophy. Players without an ECF grade count as 0, and without a Berkshire grade count as 300. Grades published on the Berkshire Junior Chess website on the day teams enter will apply.
Last Season: Pairs Tournament (Sat, 13-Jun-2009)
Results:Loaded Tue, 22-Jun-2010