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Berkshire Junior Chess

Grand Prix Rules 2016
  1. Grand Prix Events and Point Awards
    1. Grand Prix points will be accumulated at each SAE in the normal way, i.e. one point for each game won and half a point for each game drawn.
    2. Points won via a bye (full or half point) will count towards a player's Grand Prix points total.
    3. Points can be accumulated in any/all SAEs and these will count towards a player's Grand Prix points total.
    4. Players do need to play in all events, but clearly the more events entered, the more points will be available to that player.
  2. Entry and Eligibility
    1. Entry to the Grand Prix is free, but entry fees for individual SAEs will apply.
    2. Entry to the Grand Prix is automatic upon a player entering an SAE.
    3. On occasion, more than one section may be held at an SAE.
      1. Where this is the case, only the results for the section containing the higher graded players will be eligible to accumulate points towards their Grand Prix points total.
      2. Should a player who would, by grade, ordinarily be allocated to the lower graded section wish to have their points count towards their Grand Prix total, they must advise the Controller and play in the higher graded section.
    4. All players eligible to play for a Berkshire County Team are eligible to enter the Grand Prix.
  3. Sections and Prizes
    1. There will be four Grand Prix Sections to broadly reflect the County Team structure:
      • Under 18
      • Under 11
      • Under 11 Girls
      • Under 9
    2. Players are only eligible to claim a prize in one Section. The prize claimed will be the one that most benefits that player. Where there is doubt or dispute, the Arbiter will determine for which Section a player is eligible to claim a prize.
    3. Prizes will be awarded at the end of the season for the players with the top three accumulated points in each Section in the following manner:
      • 1st £40
      • 2nd £20
      • 3rd £10
    4. In the event of a tie for 1st, 2nd or 3rd or any combination of these, the prize fund will be shared. The split of prize money will be decided by the BJCA Chairperson.
    5. A leader board for each Section will be available on the Grand Prix page of the BJCA website.
  4. Controllers and Arbitration
    1. Arbiter for all Grand Prix matters will be the BJCA Chairperson, and their decision is final.
    2. Issues arising at an SAE regarding the Grand Prix should be brought to the attention of the SAE Controller who will make a decision at the time. The Arbiter may overturn this decision only in exceptional circumstances.