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Under 11 Girls Team event: Berks, Oxon, Sussex, Barnet Saturday, January 19
Trevor Jones writes:

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Berkshire hosted a 4-county Girls U-11 Match on Saturday 19 January at Upton House School, Windsor. The participating counties with Berks were Sussex, Oxon and Barnet. There were 3 rounds of 30 minutes per player, playing for a total possible 36 points. Each county provided a full team of 12 players although Barnet had the misfortune of fielding only 10 players as 2 players failed to turn-up !

The Berks Girls U-11 team have recent experience of playing Sussex when a 6-player team participated in The Whitehead Cup last month. At that event Berks were well exposed and it proved to be the same again in the first round when the full 12-player Berks team were beaten by Sussex by the score of 10-2. It is very tough being one of the top boards in these matches! Meanwhile Barnet were on the receiving end of a similar beating by Oxon to the tune of 10½ – 1½.

The front-runners Sussex and Oxon were paired in Round 2 with Sussex comfortably winning by 8-4. Berks were helped in their match with Barnet due to Barnet fielding only 10 players to give Berks 2 points by default and a narrow victory to Berks by 6.5 – 5.5.

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In the third and final round Sussex beat Barnet 9-3 and Oxon beat Berks also by 9-3. The final standings were Sussex 27, Oxon 23.5, Berks 11.5 and Barnet 10.

Our best performances were on the lower boards where Chloe Rogers, Aneeka Anwar and Sabrina Jones all scored 2/3.

The final results and standings are similar to expectations based on recent matches at The Whitehead Cup in December 2007 and the EPSCA Girls U-11 Final in March 2007, so the Berks Girls U-11 team is on track for another good performance at our next match which will be the EPSCA Girls U-11 Final on 1st March 2008.

I would like to thank Nigel Dennis for arranging the match and ensuring that the event ran smoothly. Thanks to Kate Allies from Upton House School for the use of the hall, rooms and facilities. Finally, many thanks to all the parents and players for being so helpful and to Javinder Jones and Lulu Mason for the welcome refreshments !

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