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Under 11 Girls Team v. Oxon, Sussex, and Barnet Sunday, January 18
Lucy Head writes:

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Berkshire hosted their annual U11 Girls’ tournament against Sussex, Oxfordshire and Barnet, this year at the Abbey Junior School. We always knew the competition was going to be tough but the Berkshire girls were all enthusiastic and willing to try hard.

We started well with a strong lead against Barnet in the first round (8½ to 3½) with good results evenly down the boards. The Berkshire girls used their 30 minutes clock time well and produced some good solid games. This put us into the lead going into the second round. Sussex was not far behind with 7 and Oxfordshire with 5.

A quick pep talk and into round two, where we knew the rounds would be tougher. We were right! Oxfordshire stretched the abilities of our girls but nonetheless we ended with 5 to Oxfordshire’s 7, so by no means a disgrace.

By this time all the Berkshire girls were getting on very well and after a team photo, we went into the hardest of our three rounds against Sussex. The team had been changed round in the lower boards to give the girls who had played in the reserves a chance to play in the main team. The transition proved difficult and all unfortunately lost their matches. Others also struggled in this round and we ended up with a mere 3 against Sussex who had 9. Barnet and Oxfordshire had the same result (3-9) meaning that we gave up our second place to Oxfordshire and crept down to 3rd.

Well done to all the team and reserves, some of whom were making their county debuts and showed potential for the future. Particularly well done to the three girls who won all their matches, Louise Head who had a challenging time on 1st board and won each game with conviction, taking her time and coming out triumphant; Lily Kapoor on board 5 for two matches and board 4 for her last match. Lily played long concentrated chess, was one of the last remaining on all three games and was clearly focussed on what she wanted to achieve and Romina Findel-Hawkins, the youngest member of the team who also won three games. Romina played two games on board 10 and the last on board 8. She didn’t seem to have too many problems with any of the games and came out with a smile after each round.

Thank you to the Abbey Junior School for providing the excellent venue and particularly to Mrs Shepherd who organised the refreshments and as a teacher at the school, gave up her Sunday afternoon to look after us; and to Nigel Dennis for his assistance with the organisation. Thank you to all the parents for also giving up their Sunday afternoons and particularly the children for trying hard with their chess and having fun. Now with some valuable team experience, we look forward to the E.P.S.C.A. in March with a trek to Manchester!

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