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Berkshire Junior Chess

Player info - James Silvester
School:not known
Age:over 17
Grade(s):955 (Berkshire Junior grade)   (see more about grading)
2006-07: 2 tournaments
Berks grade: start: 953, end: 945, max: 945
2004-05: 6 tournaments
Berks grade: start: 837, end: 953, max: 953
2002-03: 3 tournaments, 2 county team matches

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Andrews, David0-0-1Feb-05LossUK Chess Challenge Qualifying Event
Archer-Lock, Adrian0-1-1Jan-05DrawSAE - Dolphin School (Open Section)
Feb-05LossSAE - St. Michael's (Open Section)
Archer-Lock, Philip0-0-1Jan-05LossSAE - Dolphin School (Open Section)
Campbell, Jessica1-0-0Feb-05WinSAE - St. Michael's (Open Section)
Chen, Ryan0-0-1Feb-05LossUK Chess Challenge Qualifying Event
Couper, Brian0-0-1Jan-05LossSAE - Dolphin School (Open Section)
Davey, Ben1-0-0Feb-05WinSAE - Streatley
Fairclough, Anna1-0-0May-07WinUK Chess Challenge Berks Megafinal (Under 14-18 Boys and Girls)
Goodwin, Sam1-0-0Feb-05WinSAE - Streatley
Goodwin, Zoe1-0-0Feb-05WinSAE - Streatley
Harrison, Sam1-0-0Feb-05WinSAE - St. Michael's (Open Section)
Hicks, Edward1-0-0May-07WinUK Chess Challenge Berks Megafinal (Under 14-18 Boys and Girls)
Kenison, George1-0-0May-05WinUK Chess Challenge MegaFinal (Under 18-14)
Louw, David2-0-0Feb-05WinSAE - Streatley
May-05WinUK Chess Challenge MegaFinal (Under 18-14)
Moore, Matthew0-0-1May-05LossUK Chess Challenge MegaFinal (Under 18-14)
Morris, Claire0-0-1May-05LossUK Chess Challenge MegaFinal (Under 18-14)
Noel, Daniel1-0-1Feb-05WinUK Chess Challenge Qualifying Event
Feb-05LossSAE - St. Michael's (Open Section)
Palka, Duncan1-0-0Feb-05WinSAE - Streatley
Palka, Edmund0-1-1Jan-05DrawSAE - Dolphin School (Open Section)
May-07LossUK Chess Challenge Berks Megafinal (Under 14-18 Boys and Girls)
Ramsingh, Lee0-1-0May-05DrawUK Chess Challenge MegaFinal (Under 18-14)
Rathakrishnan, Vinoth1-0-0May-05WinUK Chess Challenge MegaFinal (Under 18-14)
Rogers, Reece1-0-0Jan-05WinSAE - Dolphin School (Open Section)
Salvini, Zach0-0-1Feb-05LossSAE - Streatley
Smith, Alexander1-0-0Feb-05WinSAE - St. Michael's (Open Section)
Stanford-Beale, David1-0-0May-07WinUK Chess Challenge Berks Megafinal (Under 14-18 Boys and Girls)
Strong, Aaron1-0-0Feb-05WinUK Chess Challenge Qualifying Event
Trice, Ashley1-0-0Feb-05WinSAE - St. Michael's (Open Section)
West, Thomas1-0-0Feb-05WinUK Chess Challenge Qualifying Event
Winchcombe, Andrew0-0-1Feb-05LossUK Chess Challenge Qualifying Event
Wright, Charlie1-0-0Jan-05WinSAE - Dolphin School (Open Section)
Ye, Joshua0-0-1Feb-05LossUK Chess Challenge Qualifying Event
Ynojosa, Angelica0-0-1May-07LossUK Chess Challenge Berks Megafinal (Under 14-18 Boys and Girls)

Totals: 20 wins, 3 draws, 13 losses