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Player info - Toby Deans
School:not known
Age:16 (as of 31-Aug-2017)
Grade(s):670 (Berkshire Junior grade)   (see more about grading)
2011-12: 1 tournament, 1 school team match
Berks grade: start: 663, end: 670, max: 670
2010-11: 1 tournament, 4 school team matches
Berks grade: start: 613, end: 663, max: 663
2009-10: 3 tournaments, 3 school team matches
Berks grade: start: 607, end: 613, max: 626
Ranking(s): Under 9: 15
2008-09: 3 tournaments, 4 school team matches, 2 county team matches
Berks grade: start: 482, end: 607, max: 607
2007-08: 4 tournaments
Berks grade: start: 462, end: 472, max: 472
2006-07: 1 tournament

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Aithani, Navaditya0-0-2Feb-09LossDolphin School UKCC Tournament (Junior Section)
Feb-11LossDolphin School UKCC Tournament (Under 11)
Al Rubaie, Omar1-0-0Oct-10WinPrimary Schools Jamboree
Allwright, Tommy1-0-0Feb-12WinDolphin School UKCC Tournament (Under 11)
Archer-Lock, Helen1-0-0Oct-09WinUnder 9 Trial
Autio, Atro1-0-0Feb-12WinDolphin School UKCC Tournament (Under 11)
Bannister, Emma1-0-0Mar-10WinUnder 9 Primary Schools Jamboree
Bannister, Hugh0-0-1Dec-06LossSAE - Whiteknights (Under 9 Section)
Best, Henry0-0-1Oct-09LossSAE - Dolphin School
Birdi, Neville0-0-2Oct-08LossUnder 9 Trial
Jul-11LossRidgeway A v. Dolphin A
Blackwell, Sebastian0-0-1Nov-08LossSAE - Dolphin School
Brown, Connor1-0-0Feb-11WinDolphin School UKCC Tournament (Under 11)
Camu, Clariza1-0-0Oct-09WinSAE - Dolphin School
Canniffe, Thomas1-0-0Oct-09WinUnder 9 Trial
Childs, Tom0-0-1Dec-06LossSAE - Whiteknights (Under 9 Section)
Chonavel, Lawrence1-0-0Feb-11WinDolphin School UKCC Tournament (Under 11)
Clarke, Spencer1-0-0Feb-12WinDolphin School UKCC Tournament (Under 11)
Darrell, Michael2-0-0Feb-08WinDolphin School UKCC Tournament
Feb-11WinDolphin School UKCC Tournament (Under 11)
Davies, Matthew1-0-0Oct-10WinPrimary Schools Jamboree
de Carvalho, Peter1-0-0Feb-11WinDolphin School UKCC Tournament (Under 11)
De Frettes, Leo1-0-0Feb-09WinDolphin School UKCC Tournament (Junior Section)
de Frettes, Noam1-0-0Oct-10WinPrimary Schools Jamboree
Eden-Hasler, Georgina1-0-1Oct-11WinPrimary Schools Jamboree
Feb-12LossDolphin School UKCC Tournament (Under 11)
Exelby, Andrew1-0-0May-08WinUK Chess Challenge Berkshire Megafinal (Under 7 Boys)
Findel-Hawkins, Romina0-0-1Oct-08LossUnder 9 Trial
Frost, Samuel1-0-0May-08WinUK Chess Challenge Berkshire Megafinal (Under 7 Boys)
Fry, Edward0-0-1Feb-11LossDolphin School UKCC Tournament (Under 11)
Gayter, Tom0-0-2Oct-09LossUnder 9 Trial
Feb-12LossDolphin School UKCC Tournament (Under 11)
Gerrits, Imre0-0-1Feb-08LossDolphin School UKCC Tournament
Gilbert, Isabelle0-0-1Mar-10LossUnder 9 Primary Schools Jamboree
Gilbert, Michael0-0-1Oct-09LossUnder 9 Trial
Grayson, Charles0-0-1Oct-10LossPrimary Schools Jamboree
Green, Christian0-0-1Feb-08LossDolphin School UKCC Tournament
Green, Joe0-0-1Dec-06LossSAE - Whiteknights (Under 9 Section)
Grey, Kieran0-0-1Mar-09LossUnder 9 Primary Schools Jamboree
Gribben, Joseph0-1-0Mar-09DrawUnder 9 Primary Schools Jamboree
Harris, Joshua1-0-0Feb-10WinDolphin U9 v. Earley St. Peter's U9
Hinterreither, Nikolai0-0-1Oct-11LossPrimary Schools Jamboree
Iddon, Ben1-0-0Jun-09WinDolphin U9 v. Caversham U9
J Archer, Andrew1-0-0Feb-10WinDolphin School UKCC Tournament
Jopp, Alexander2-0-0Feb-10WinDolphin School UKCC Tournament
Feb-12WinDolphin School UKCC Tournament (Under 11)
Kadambadi, Nikhil1-0-0Oct-11WinPrimary Schools Jamboree
Kinsler-Lubienski, James0-0-1Mar-09LossDolphin U9 v. Ridgeway U9
Kutena, Max0-0-1Feb-08LossDolphin School UKCC Tournament
Langer, Henry1-0-0Mar-10WinUnder 9 Primary Schools Jamboree
Lant, Tom0-0-1Nov-08LossSAE - Dolphin School
Lawrence, Jack0-1-0Nov-07DrawSAE - Dolphin School
Leclerc, Thibault0-0-1Oct-09LossSAE - Dolphin School
Lewis, Verity1-0-0Feb-10WinDolphin School UKCC Tournament
Lindley, Todd1-0-0Oct-08WinUnder 9 Trial
Mahamed, Kaleen1-0-0Mar-10WinUnder 9 Primary Schools Jamboree
McLaren, Edward0-0-1Mar-10LossDolphin U9 v. Ridgeway U9
Meadows, Max1-0-0Feb-12WinDolphin School UKCC Tournament (Under 11)
Moreton, Harry0-0-1May-08LossUK Chess Challenge Berkshire Megafinal (Under 7 Boys)
Munn, Bertie1-0-0Nov-08WinSAE - Dolphin School
Newbold, Jasper1-0-1May-08WinUK Chess Challenge Berkshire Megafinal (Under 7 Boys)
Oct-08LossUnder 9 Trial
Parekh, Dev0-0-1Oct-11LossPrimary Schools Jamboree
Pearson, Clare0-2-0Nov-07DrawSAE - Dolphin School
Feb-09DrawDolphin School UKCC Tournament (Junior Section)
Petrie, Lauren0-1-0Nov-07DrawSAE - Dolphin School
Prates, Ines1-0-0Dec-06WinSAE - Whiteknights (Under 9 Section)
Ramsey, Seamus0-0-1May-08LossUK Chess Challenge Berkshire Megafinal (Under 7 Boys)
Rennie, James2-0-0Oct-09WinUnder 9 Trial
Oct-09WinSAE - Dolphin School
Robinson, Peter0-0-3Nov-07LossSAE - Dolphin School
Nov-08LossSAE - Dolphin School
Feb-10LossDolphin School UKCC Tournament
Robinson, Thomas0-0-1Feb-10LossDolphin School UKCC Tournament
Romanov, Michael0-0-1Nov-07LossSAE - Dolphin School
Rumble, Thomas0-0-1Mar-11LossDolphin A v. St. Finian's
Sahami, Adrian2-0-0Feb-09WinDolphin School UKCC Tournament (Junior Section)
Feb-11WinDolphin School UKCC Tournament (Under 11)
Sahami, Sam1-1-0Feb-08DrawDolphin School UKCC Tournament
Feb-09WinDolphin School UKCC Tournament (Junior Section)
Smith, Ben0-0-1Nov-08LossSAE - Dolphin School
Smith, Lizzie1-0-0Mar-09WinUnder 9 Primary Schools Jamboree
Sritharan, Prajive1-0-0Oct-09WinSAE - Dolphin School
Stone, Daniel1-0-0Feb-09WinPolehampton U9 v. Dolphin U9
Teague, Charlie1-0-0Feb-10WinDolphin School UKCC Tournament
Thomas, Theo1-0-0May-08WinUK Chess Challenge Berkshire Megafinal (Under 7 Boys)
Thorpe, Jed1-0-0Feb-09WinDolphin School UKCC Tournament (Junior Section)
Vincent, Ashwin1-0-0Mar-11WinRadstock v. Dolphin A
Ward, Ben0-0-1Dec-06LossSAE - Whiteknights (Under 9 Section)
Ward, Charlie1-0-0Feb-08WinDolphin School UKCC Tournament
Watts, Alisha0-0-1Nov-07LossSAE - Dolphin School
Westoby, Jenny1-0-0Feb-08WinDolphin School UKCC Tournament
Zhang, Anthony0-0-3Oct-08LossUnder 9 Trial
Oct-09LossUnder 9 Trial
Oct-09LossSAE - Dolphin School
Zolkwer, Morgan3-0-0Feb-09WinDolphin School UKCC Tournament (Junior Section)
Mar-09WinUnder 9 Primary Schools Jamboree
Feb-10WinDolphin School UKCC Tournament

Totals: 50 wins, 6 draws, 42 losses