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Player info - Lucy Hickman
School:not known
Age:17 (as of 31-Aug-2017)
Grade(s):350 (Berkshire Junior grade)   (see more about grading)
2008-09: 2 tournaments
Berks grade: start: 327, end: 350, max: 350
2007-08: 5 tournaments, 1 county team match
Berks grade: start: 300, end: 317, max: 317

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Ali, Natasha0-0-1Nov-08LossSAE - Upton House
Autio, Atro1-0-0Feb-09WinDolphin School UKCC Tournament (Junior Section)
Bambury, Cordelia0-0-1Nov-08LossSAE - Upton House
Best, Henry0-1-1Feb-08LossDolphin School UKCC Tournament
Feb-09DrawDolphin School UKCC Tournament (Junior Section)
Chaugny, Mathieu0-0-1Nov-08LossSAE - Upton House
Collins, Claudine1-0-0Nov-08WinSAE - Upton House
Deans, Oliver0-0-1Nov-07LossSAE - Dolphin School
Easterbrook, Sasha1-0-0Feb-09WinDolphin School UKCC Tournament (Junior Section)
Ekwe-Ekwe, Chidi1-0-0Feb-08WinDolphin School UKCC Tournament
Findel-Hawkins, Romina0-0-1May-08LossUK Chess Challenge Berkshire Megafinal (Under 7-8 Girls)
Ford, Eleanor1-0-0Nov-08WinSAE - Upton House
Gerrits, Imre0-0-1Feb-09LossDolphin School UKCC Tournament (Junior Section)
Gribben, Joseph0-0-1Sep-07LossUnder 9 Trial
Haederle, Dominic0-0-1Sep-07LossUnder 9 Trial
Harris, Millie1-0-0Feb-09WinDolphin School UKCC Tournament (Junior Section)
Head, Louise0-0-1Nov-07LossSAE - Reading School
Head, Max0-0-1Feb-09LossDolphin School UKCC Tournament (Junior Section)
Holt, Charlotte0-0-1Feb-08LossDolphin School UKCC Tournament
Kemp, Matty0-0-1Nov-07LossSAE - Dolphin School
Kugathas, Ayranna0-0-1May-08LossUK Chess Challenge Berkshire Megafinal (Under 7-8 Girls)
Lawrence, Jack0-0-1Nov-07LossSAE - Dolphin School
Legah, Kemran0-0-1Feb-08LossDolphin School UKCC Tournament
Leighton-Young, Kit0-0-1Nov-07LossSAE - Reading School
Maschio, Mary0-0-1Nov-07LossSAE - Reading School
McMurtrie, Hugh0-0-1Feb-08LossDolphin School UKCC Tournament
Pearson, Clare0-0-1Sep-07LossUnder 9 Trial
Pechey, Joseph0-0-1Nov-07LossSAE - Dolphin School
Petrie, Lauren0-0-1Nov-07LossSAE - Dolphin School
Power, Isabel0-1-0May-08DrawUK Chess Challenge Berkshire Megafinal (Under 7-8 Girls)
Puri, Tarun0-1-0Sep-07DrawUnder 9 Trial
Robinson-Butler, Huxley0-0-1Feb-09LossDolphin School UKCC Tournament (Junior Section)
Rogers, Lydia1-0-0May-08WinUK Chess Challenge Berkshire Megafinal (Under 7-8 Girls)
Roper, Isabella0-0-1Sep-07LossUnder 9 Trial
Sahami, Adrian1-0-0Feb-08WinDolphin School UKCC Tournament
Salinas, Ana0-1-0Nov-07DrawSAE - Reading School
Sami, Nora0-0-1Nov-08LossSAE - Upton House
Shaw, Lydia0-0-1May-08LossUK Chess Challenge Berkshire Megafinal (Under 7-8 Girls)
Starley, David0-0-1Nov-07LossSAE - Reading School
Watts, Alisha0-0-1Nov-07LossSAE - Dolphin School
Zolkwer, Morgan0-0-1Feb-08LossDolphin School UKCC Tournament

Totals: 8 wins, 4 draws, 29 losses