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Player info - Oliver Marsden
School:not known
Age:16 (as of 31-Aug-2017)
Grade(s):734 (Berkshire Junior grade)   (see more about grading)
2011-12: 1 tournament, 1 school team match
Berks grade: start: 781, end: 734, max: 734
2010-11: 3 school team matches
Berks grade: start: 766, end: 781, max: 781
2009-10: 5 school team matches, 3 county team matches
Berks grade: start: 714, end: 766, max: 768
Ranking(s): Under 9: 6
2008-09: 2 tournaments, 1 school team match, 1 county team match
Berks grade: start: 692, end: 709, max: 709
Ranking(s): Under 9: 19

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Allsop, Louis1-0-0Mar-10WinSt. Finian's v. Caversham
Autio, Atro0-0-1Mar-11LossDolphin A v. St. Finian's
Breen, Alex1-0-0Apr-12WinSchools A League - West Berkshire
Byrne, Dylan1-0-0Mar-10WinUnder 9 Primary Schools Jamboree
Cannings, Katie1-0-0Jan-09WinSAE - Curridge Primary
Culham, Jack1-0-0Feb-10WinAldryngton v. St. Finian's
Davies, Maverick1-0-0Mar-11WinSt. Finian's v. Curridge
Duffy, James1-0-0Mar-10WinUnder 9 Primary Schools Jamboree
Dunbar, Daniel1-0-0Jan-09WinSAE - Curridge Primary
Edwards, Henry0-0-1Feb-09LossSAE - Compton Primary
Gilbert, Michael0-0-1Jan-09LossSAE - Curridge Primary
Graham, Henry0-0-1Nov-11Loss11th Claires Court Chess Festival (Under 12)
Hill, Rhidian0-0-1Feb-09LossSAE - Compton Primary
Hill, Sam1-0-0Jan-09WinSAE - Curridge Primary
Jewell, Max1-0-0Nov-11Win11th Claires Court Chess Festival (Under 12)
Kinsler-Lubienski, James0-0-1May-10LossSt. Finian's v. Ridgeway A
Laniardo, Jake0-1-0Mar-10DrawUnder 9 Primary Schools Jamboree
Leith-Snow, Alexander0-0-1Apr-12LossSchools A League - West Berkshire
Liquorish, Joe1-0-0Jan-09WinSAE - Curridge Primary
Mangiacapra, Alicia1-0-0Apr-12WinSchools A League - West Berkshire
McAuley, Oscar1-0-0Mar-10WinUnder 9 Primary Schools Jamboree
Nugent, Arthur1-0-0Feb-10WinCurridge v. St. Finian's
Pope, Alexander1-1-0Feb-09WinSAE - Compton Primary
Nov-11Draw11th Claires Court Chess Festival (Under 12)
Power, Harry1-0-0Mar-09WinSt. Finian's v. Curridge
Prowse, Andrew1-0-0Apr-11WinSt. Finian's v. Radstock
Rogers, Chloe0-0-1Jan-09LossSAE - Curridge Primary
Smith, Lizzie1-0-0Feb-09WinSAE - Compton Primary
Stoker, Harry1-0-0Feb-09WinSAE - Compton Primary
Xu, Huanyang0-1-0Feb-09DrawSAE - Compton Primary

Totals: 19 wins, 3 draws, 8 losses