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Berkshire Junior Chess

Player info - Leo Bangs
School:not known
Age:15 (as of 31-Aug-2017)
Grade(s):599 (Berkshire Junior grade)   (see more about grading)
2011-12: 2 tournaments, 1 school team match
Berks grade: start: 585, end: 599, max: 626
2010-11: 4 tournaments, 3 school team matches
Berks grade: start: 522, end: 585, max: 632
Ranking(s): Under 9: 17
2009-10: 4 tournaments, 2 school team matches
Berks grade: start: 515, end: 522, max: 522
Ranking(s): Improvers: +283

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Aithani, Navaditya0-0-1May-10LossLightning Tournament
Allen, Jakob1-0-0Jul-12WinRidgeway School Tournament
Allen, Matthew0-0-1Dec-10LossRidgeway School Tournament
Archer-Lock, Helen0-1-1Oct-11DrawPrimary Schools Jamboree
Oct-11LossUnder 11 Trial
Autio, Atro0-0-2May-10LossLightning Tournament
Oct-11LossPrimary Schools Jamboree
Bains-Gillespie, Ethan0-0-5May-10LossLightning Tournament
Dec-10LossRidgeway School Tournament
Feb-11LossUK Chess Challenge Qualifying Event
Mar-11LossRidgeway U9 A v. Ridgeway U9 B
Apr-11LossRidgeway School Tournament
Bains-Gillespie, Jake1-0-1Feb-11WinUK Chess Challenge Qualifying Event
Jul-11LossRidgeway School Tournament
Ballinger, Tom0-0-1Mar-10LossRidgeway School Tournament
Bazin, Oliver1-0-0Feb-11WinUK Chess Challenge Qualifying Event
Bennett, Harry1-0-0Jul-11WinRidgeway School Tournament
Berrisford, William1-0-0Oct-11WinUnder 11 Trial
Best, Henry0-0-1May-10LossLightning Tournament
Billingsley-Dadd, Harry0-0-1May-10LossLightning Tournament
Blades, Harry1-0-0Jul-11WinRidgeway School Tournament
Breedon, James1-0-0Apr-11WinRidgeway School Tournament
Breedon, Tom1-0-0Dec-10WinRidgeway School Tournament
Caiazzo, Darcy0-0-1Feb-11LossUK Chess Challenge Qualifying Event
Davies, Taylor1-0-0Mar-11WinUnder 9 Primary Schools Jamboree
De Godoy, Gabriel1-0-0Oct-11WinUnder 11 Trial
Fanchini, Gabriel0-0-1Dec-09LossRidgeway School Tournament
Foy, Nathan2-0-0Mar-10WinRidgeway School Tournament
Jul-10WinRidgeway School Tournament
Gayter, Tom0-0-1May-10LossLightning Tournament
Goyal, Ashwin1-0-0Mar-10WinRidgeway School Tournament
Goyal, Krishan0-0-1Dec-09LossRidgeway School Tournament
Graham, Henry1-0-0Apr-11WinRidgeway School Tournament
Grayson, Charles0-0-1Apr-11LossRidgeway School Tournament
Gribben, Joseph0-0-1Jul-11LossRidgeway School Tournament
Hanby, Morgan1-0-0Jul-11WinRidgeway School Tournament
Hickey, Kyle0-0-1Mar-10LossRidgeway School Tournament
Hicks, Joe0-1-0Mar-10DrawUnder 9 Primary Schools Jamboree
Hobbs, Daniel1-0-0Mar-10WinRidgeway U9 v. Earley St. Peter's U9
Hutchings, Harly1-0-0Jul-12WinRidgeway School Tournament
Jopp, Alexander1-0-0Oct-11WinPrimary Schools Jamboree
Kinsler-Lubienski, Dominic1-0-0Apr-11WinRidgeway School Tournament
Kinsler-Lubienski, James0-0-3Dec-09LossRidgeway School Tournament
Jul-10LossRidgeway School Tournament
Jul-11LossRidgeway School Tournament
Laniardo, Zach1-0-0Mar-10WinUnder 9 Primary Schools Jamboree
Lightbourne, Jamie0-0-1Jul-12LossRidgeway School Tournament
Markovits, Alex1-0-0Mar-10WinRidgeway School Tournament
McLaren, Edward0-0-3Jul-10LossRidgeway School Tournament
Apr-11LossRidgeway School Tournament
Oct-11LossUnder 11 Trial
McLaren, Hal1-0-0Jul-11WinRidgeway School Tournament
Miles, Sean0-0-1Feb-11LossUK Chess Challenge Qualifying Event
Moody, James0-0-1Feb-11LossUK Chess Challenge Qualifying Event
Narayanan, Thilaga0-0-1Feb-11LossUK Chess Challenge Qualifying Event
Odell, Ollie1-0-0Jul-12WinRidgeway School Tournament
Owen, Matthew1-0-0Oct-11WinUnder 11 Trial
Parekh, Dev1-0-0Mar-11WinCaversham U9 v. Ridgeway U9 B
Pohl, Loic0-1-1Dec-09DrawRidgeway School Tournament
Mar-10LossRidgeway School Tournament
Popat, Niam0-0-1Jul-12LossRidgeway School Tournament
Puri, Tarun0-0-1Dec-09LossRidgeway School Tournament
Richards, William1-0-0Mar-11WinUnder 9 Primary Schools Jamboree
Rimmer, William0-0-1Jul-10LossRidgeway School Tournament
Robinson, Tomas0-0-1Mar-11LossUnder 9 Primary Schools Jamboree
Ross, Oliver0-0-1Jul-10LossRidgeway School Tournament
Sarson, Jamie0-0-1May-10LossLightning Tournament
Smith, Toby1-0-0Dec-10WinRidgeway School Tournament
Suarez, Victor0-0-1Mar-10LossUnder 9 Primary Schools Jamboree
Thompson, Jasmine1-0-0Mar-10WinUnder 9 Primary Schools Jamboree
Usher, Sam1-0-2Jul-10WinRidgeway School Tournament
Dec-10LossRidgeway School Tournament
Jul-11LossRidgeway School Tournament
Usher, William1-0-0Jul-10WinRidgeway School Tournament
Vaidya, Saksham1-0-0Oct-11WinPrimary Schools Jamboree
Ward, Toby1-0-0Jul-12WinRidgeway School Tournament
Watkins, Matthew1-0-0Apr-11WinRidgeway School Tournament
Wheeler, Henry1-0-0Dec-09WinRidgeway School Tournament
Yate, Ollie2-0-0Mar-10WinRidgeway School Tournament
Dec-10WinRidgeway School Tournament
Zhang, Anthony0-0-1Oct-11LossUnder 11 Trial

Totals: 36 wins, 3 draws, 42 losses