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Player info - Liam Prowse
School:not known
Age:15 (as of 31-Aug-2017)
Grade(s):419 (Berkshire Junior grade)   (see more about grading)
2012-13: 2 tournaments, 2 school team matches
Berks grade: start: 393, end: 419, max: 419
2011-12: 3 tournaments, 1 school team match
Berks grade: start: 327, end: 393, max: 393
2010-11: 2 tournaments, 1 school team match
Berks grade: start: 306, end: 327, max: 327
2009-10: 1 tournament

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Anwar, Aneeka0-0-2Jan-11LossSAE - Radstock
Nov-12LossSAE - Radstock (Open)
Anwar, Sameer0-0-1Jan-12LossSAE - Radstock (Open)
Beckinsale, James0-0-1Oct-11LossSAE - Reading School (Under 11)
Berrisford, William1-1-0Jan-12WinSAE - Radstock (Open)
Mar-12DrawRadstock UKCC Tournament
Bhagnani, Muskan2-1-0Jan-12WinSAE - Radstock (Open)
Mar-12DrawRadstock UKCC Tournament
Mar-13WinRadstock UKCC Tournament
Bhasin, Naman1-0-0Oct-11WinSAE - Reading School (Under 11)
Breen, Alex0-1-0Jan-10DrawSAE - Radstock
Bruce, Thomas0-0-1Jan-11LossSAE - Radstock
Caiazzo, Darcy0-0-1Jan-11LossSAE - Radstock
Collett, Will1-0-0Apr-12WinSchools A League - West Berkshire
Corsten, Jan1-0-0Mar-12WinRadstock UKCC Tournament
Croos, Shavin1-0-0Jan-11WinSAE - Radstock
Dance, Lewis1-0-0Nov-12WinSAE - Radstock (Open)
Davies, Tom0-1-0Jan-10DrawSAE - Radstock
Edwards, Charlotte0-0-1Mar-13LossRadstock UKCC Tournament
Gandhi, Simran Nitin 0-0-1Nov-12LossSAE - Radstock (Open)
Gleeson, Sean0-0-1Nov-12LossSAE - Radstock (Open)
Graham, Will1-0-0Apr-11WinSt. Finian's v. Radstock
Joseph, Ephraim0-0-1Jan-10LossSAE - Radstock
Kadambadi, Nikhil0-1-1Jan-11DrawSAE - Radstock
Nov-12LossSAE - Radstock (Open)
Kenton, Duncan0-0-1Apr-13LossRadstock v. Ridgeway
Klinder, Leon1-0-0Oct-11WinSAE - Reading School (Under 11)
Maniu, Peter1-0-0Mar-12WinRadstock UKCC Tournament
Manning, Oscar1-0-0Mar-13WinRadstock UKCC Tournament
Menon, Bhavya1-0-0Mar-13WinRadstock UKCC Tournament
Miles, Sean0-0-1Jan-12LossSAE - Radstock (Open)
Moody, James0-0-1Jan-12LossSAE - Radstock (Open)
Nagarajan, Krishna1-0-0Mar-13WinRadstock UKCC Tournament
Omar-Mufti, Adil0-0-2Mar-12LossRadstock UKCC Tournament
Mar-13LossRadstock UKCC Tournament
Owen, Matthew0-0-1Oct-11LossSAE - Reading School (Under 11)
Patel, Nikhil0-0-1Jan-10LossSAE - Radstock
Prowse, Andrew0-0-1Jan-12LossSAE - Radstock (Open)
Ramaraju, Siddarth0-0-1Oct-11LossSAE - Reading School (Under 11)
Sanga, Abhishek0-1-0Oct-11DrawSAE - Reading School (Under 11)
Thayer, Jack1-0-0Mar-12WinRadstock UKCC Tournament
Webb, Daniel0-0-1Jan-10LossSAE - Radstock
Woods, Jacob1-0-0Jun-13WinRadstock v. Polehampton

Totals: 16 wins, 6 draws, 21 losses