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Player info - Edward Wise
School:not known
Age:over 17
Grade(s):1011 (Berkshire Junior grade)   (see more about grading)
2006-07: 1 tournament, 2 county team matches
Berks grade: start: 1012, end: 1001, max: 1001
2005-06: 7 tournaments, 5 county team matches
Berks grade: start: 982, end: 1012, max: 1030
Ranking(s): Under 11: 7
2004-05: 8 tournaments, 5 county team matches
Berks grade: start: 904, end: 982, max: 1017
2003-04: 13 tournaments, 5 county team matches
2002-03: 1 tournament

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Andrews, David0-0-1Mar-04LossSAE - Gorse Ride, Finchampstead (Open Section)
Archer-Lock, Adrian0-1-4Oct-04LossSAE - Downs School
Oct-04LossSAE - Reading School
Nov-04LossSAE - St Mary's
Jan-05DrawSAE - Aldryngton
Mar-06LossSAE - Gorse Ride
Archer-Lock, Philip1-1-1Oct-04LossSAE - Downs School
Nov-04WinSAE - St Mary's
Oct-05DrawUnder 11 Trial
Baker, Aaron1-0-0Feb-04WinSAE - St Michael's, Sandhurst (Open Section)
Banks, David0-0-1Oct-04LossSAE - Reading School
Bloomfield, Joe0-1-0Oct-05DrawUnder 11 Trial
Camps-Harris, Hugo1-0-0May-05WinUK Chess Challenge MegaFinal (Under 10 Boys)
Chapman, Joe1-0-0Jan-05WinSAE - Aldryngton
Chelani, Dhawal0-0-1Mar-04LossSAE - Sonning Common (Open Section)
Chen, Ryan1-1-0Jan-06WinSAE - Aldryngton (Open Section)
Mar-06DrawSAE - Gorse Ride
Convery, Andrew1-0-0Mar-04WinSAE - Sonning Common (Open Section)
Couper, Brian3-0-0Oct-04WinSAE - Downs School
Nov-04WinUnder 14,11 and 9 Practice Match (Berks Knights v. Dragons)
Nov-04WinSAE - St Mary's
Currie, Jamie1-0-0Jan-04WinSAE - Mary Hare School, Newbury
Davey, Ben0-0-3Jan-04LossSAE - Mary Hare School, Newbury
Oct-04LossSAE - Downs School
Feb-05LossSAE - St. Michael's (Open Section)
Davey, Rachel1-1-3Mar-04DrawSAE - Gorse Ride, Finchampstead (Open Section)
Oct-04LossUnder 11 Trial
Jan-05LossSAE - Aldryngton
Oct-05LossUnder 11 Trial
Mar-06WinSAE - Gorse Ride
Dehal, Deepuk1-0-0Oct-06WinSAE - Reading School
Doyle, Hayden1-0-0Nov-03WinSAE - St Mary's, Mortimer
Durrant, Adam0-0-1Oct-06LossSAE - Reading School
Elliott, Lewis1-0-0Mar-04WinSAE - Gorse Ride, Finchampstead (Open Section)
Elliott, Nathan0-0-2Feb-04LossSAE - St Michael's, Sandhurst (Open Section)
Mar-04LossSAE - Sonning Common (Open Section)
Esteve, Daniel1-0-0Nov-05WinSAE - Upton House (Open Section)
Foo, William1-0-0Oct-06WinSAE - Reading School
Galuszka, Jonathan1-0-0Oct-04WinSAE - Reading School
Gibson, Ben1-0-0May-05WinUK Chess Challenge MegaFinal (Under 10 Boys)
Goodwin, Sam2-0-0Oct-04WinSAE - Downs School
Jan-06WinSAE - Aldryngton (Open Section)
Hames, Charlie1-0-0Jan-04WinSAE - Mary Hare School, Newbury
Harrison, Sam1-0-0Feb-05WinSAE - St. Michael's (Open Section)
Haughey, Owan0-0-1Mar-04LossSAE - Gorse Ride, Finchampstead (Open Section)
Heath, Ashley0-0-1Feb-04LossSAE - St Michael's, Sandhurst (Open Section)
Herring, Isaac1-0-0Jan-06WinSAE - Aldryngton (Open Section)
Hill, Jack0-0-1Oct-03LossUnder 9 Trial
Holland, James0-1-2Oct-04LossUnder 11 Trial
May-05LossUK Chess Challenge MegaFinal (Under 10 Boys)
Apr-06DrawUK Chess Challenge Berks Megafinal (Under 11 Boys)
Hollow, Sam1-0-0Oct-05WinUnder 11 Trial
Honey, Peter0-0-1Oct-03LossUnder 9 Trial
Iley, Aaron1-0-0Oct-06WinSAE - Reading School
Indge, Harry1-0-0Mar-06WinSAE - Gorse Ride
Jane, Tom1-0-0Jan-05WinSAE - Aldryngton
Jones, Ben1-0-0Apr-06WinUK Chess Challenge Berks Megafinal (Under 11 Boys)
Juniper, Daniel1-0-0Mar-04WinSAE - Sonning Common (Open Section)
Kirk, James1-0-1Nov-05LossSAE - Upton House (Open Section)
Mar-06WinSAE - Gorse Ride
Louw, David1-0-0Feb-05WinSAE - St. Michael's (Open Section)
Lowe, Richard0-0-1Nov-04LossSAE - St Mary's
Manning, Andrew1-0-0Mar-04WinSAE - Sonning Common (Open Section)
Manton-Jones, Alexander1-0-1Oct-03WinUnder 9 Trial
Feb-05LossSAE - St. Michael's (Open Section)
Marlow, Chris1-0-0Mar-04WinSAE - Gorse Ride, Finchampstead (Open Section)
Maturu, Harsha1-1-0Oct-03DrawUnder 9 Trial
May-05WinUK Chess Challenge MegaFinal (Under 10 Boys)
Mitchell, Florence0-1-0Oct-05DrawUnder 11 Trial
Moffatt, Alex1-0-0Nov-03WinSAE - St Mary's, Mortimer
Morton, Drew1-0-0Oct-04WinUnder 11 Trial
Noel, Daniel1-0-1Feb-05WinSAE - St. Michael's (Open Section)
Jan-06LossSAE - Aldryngton (Open Section)
O'Reilly, Thomas1-0-0Apr-06WinUK Chess Challenge Berks Megafinal (Under 11 Boys)
Palka, Duncan2-0-1Jan-04WinSAE - Mary Hare School, Newbury
Feb-04LossSAE - St Michael's, Sandhurst (Open Section)
Oct-04WinUnder 11 Trial
Palka, Edmund2-0-1Jan-04LossSAE - Mary Hare School, Newbury
Oct-04WinSAE - Downs School
Nov-04WinUnder 14,11 and 9 Practice Match (Berks Knights v. Dragons)
Passau, Joe1-0-0Feb-04WinSAE - Streatley
Plummer, Daniel1-0-0Nov-04WinSAE - St Mary's
Price, Liam0-1-0May-05DrawUK Chess Challenge MegaFinal (Under 10 Boys)
Ramsay, Max1-0-0Apr-06WinUK Chess Challenge Berks Megafinal (Under 11 Boys)
Richards, Alice1-0-0Nov-05WinSAE - Upton House (Open Section)
Robinsonx, Thomas1-0-0Feb-05WinSAE - St. Michael's (Open Section)
Rogers, Reece3-0-0Oct-04WinSAE - Reading School
Jan-05WinSAE - Aldryngton
Oct-05WinUnder 11 Trial
Salvini, Zach1-0-1Jan-05WinSAE - Aldryngton
Jan-06LossSAE - Aldryngton (Open Section)
Seater, Edward1-0-0Feb-04WinSAE - Streatley
Selwood, Stephen1-0-0Mar-04WinSAE - Gorse Ride, Finchampstead (Open Section)
Sinta, Natalie1-0-0Nov-03WinSAE - St Mary's, Mortimer
Smith, Michael0-1-1Nov-03LossSAE - St Mary's, Mortimer
Feb-04DrawSAE - Streatley
Smith, Richard0-0-2Feb-04LossSAE - Streatley
Oct-06LossSAE - Reading School
Starley, Robert1-0-0Oct-04WinUnder 11 Trial
Tegg, Phillip1-0-0Oct-04WinSAE - Reading School
Thetford, Martin0-0-1Mar-04LossSAE - Sonning Common (Open Section)
Thompson, William1-0-0Nov-03WinSAE - St Mary's, Mortimer
Toohey, Michael0-1-0Feb-04DrawSAE - St Michael's, Sandhurst (Open Section)
Trice, Ashley1-0-0Nov-05WinSAE - Upton House (Open Section)
Tugnait, Ajay2-0-0May-05WinUK Chess Challenge MegaFinal (Under 10 Boys)
Apr-06WinUK Chess Challenge Berks Megafinal (Under 11 Boys)
Tunstall, George0-0-1Oct-04LossUnder 11 Trial
Uren, Robin2-0-0Feb-04WinSAE - Streatley
Feb-04WinSAE - St Michael's, Sandhurst (Open Section)
Vandersluis, Ben0-0-2Feb-05LossSAE - St. Michael's (Open Section)
Nov-05LossSAE - Upton House (Open Section)
Vandersluis, James1-0-0Nov-05WinSAE - Upton House (Open Section)
Varady, Fenton0-0-1Apr-06LossUK Chess Challenge Berks Megafinal (Under 11 Boys)
Wadsworth, Matthew0-1-0Oct-06DrawSAE - Reading School
Walder, Joseph1-0-0Nov-04WinSAE - St Mary's
Wong, Alfred1-0-0Mar-06WinSAE - Gorse Ride
Wong, Jamie1-0-0Oct-03WinUnder 9 Trial
Wong, Kevin2-0-0Oct-03WinUnder 9 Trial
Jan-04WinSAE - Mary Hare School, Newbury
Yates, Susie0-0-2Jan-04LossSAE - Mary Hare School, Newbury
Feb-04LossSAE - Streatley
Ye, Joshua0-0-1Nov-03LossSAE - St Mary's, Mortimer

Totals: 69 wins, 12 draws, 41 losses