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Player info - Robert Rudman
School:not known
Age:13 (as of 31-Aug-2017)
2014-15: 1 school team match
2013-14: 1 tournament
2012-13: 1 tournament, 1 school team match

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Ahmed, Safa0-1-0May-15DrawUnder 11 Primary Schools Jamboree
Allchin, Zachary0-1-0Jan-14DrawSAE - Dolphin School
Aue, Xavier0-1-0Mar-13DrawDolphin School UKCC Tournament (Under 9)
Bhagnani, Bhavik0-0-1May-15LossUnder 11 Primary Schools Jamboree
Boultwood, Harrison0-1-0Jan-14DrawSAE - Dolphin School
Droney, Patrick0-1-0Mar-13DrawDolphin School UKCC Tournament (Under 9)
Garthside, Annabelle1-0-0May-15WinUnder 11 Primary Schools Jamboree
Grandin, Barnaby0-1-0Mar-13DrawDolphin School UKCC Tournament (Under 9)
Heslington, Kateryna0-0-1Jan-14LossSAE - Dolphin School
Liles, Oliver0-0-1May-15LossUnder 11 Primary Schools Jamboree
McCabe, Benjamin0-0-1Jun-13LossUnder 9 Primary Schools Jamboree
Narekuli, Ashwath0-0-1Jan-14LossSAE - Dolphin School
Parker, Luke1-0-0Mar-13WinDolphin School UKCC Tournament (Under 9)
Reisser-Weston, Fabian0-0-1Mar-13LossDolphin School UKCC Tournament (Under 9)
Shanmuhanathan, Shan0-1-0Jan-14DrawSAE - Dolphin School
Stewart, James0-0-1Jun-13LossUnder 9 Primary Schools Jamboree
Suter, Hector0-0-1Mar-13LossDolphin School UKCC Tournament (Under 9)
Sutton, Alasdair0-0-1Jun-13LossUnder 9 Primary Schools Jamboree
Warren, Samuel1-0-0Mar-13WinDolphin School UKCC Tournament (Under 9)
Winsor, Robert0-0-1Jan-14LossSAE - Dolphin School

Totals: 3 wins, 7 draws, 10 losses