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Player info - Harry Sackman
School:not known
Age:13 (as of 31-Aug-2017)
Grade(s):521 (Berkshire Junior grade)   (see more about grading)
2014-15: 2 tournaments
Berks grade: start: 471, end: 521, max: 521
2013-14: 3 tournaments
Berks grade: start: 522, end: 471, max: 471
2012-13: 2 tournaments
Berks grade: start: 567, end: 522, max: 567

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Alsford, Liam0-1-0Mar-15DrawRadstock UKCC Tournament
Anwar, Faheem0-1-0Mar-14DrawRadstock UKCC Tournament
Bains-Gillespie, Jake0-0-1May-13LossUK Chess Challenge Berkshire MegaFinal (Under 9 Boys)
Bazin, Bobby0-0-1Oct-13LossBerkshire Junior Congress (Beginners)
Bhagnani, Bhavik0-0-1Oct-13LossSAE - Reading School (Under 11)
Bunce, Archie1-0-0May-13WinUK Chess Challenge Berkshire MegaFinal (Under 9 Boys)
Cann, Cameron2-0-1Mar-14WinRadstock UKCC Tournament
Jan-15WinRadstock Xmas Tournament
Mar-15LossRadstock UKCC Tournament
Croos, Jonathan0-0-2Mar-13LossRadstock UKCC Tournament
Mar-14LossRadstock UKCC Tournament
Gaharwar, Shubh0-1-1Jan-15LossRadstock Xmas Tournament
Mar-15DrawRadstock UKCC Tournament
Haines, Edward1-0-0Mar-13WinRadstock UKCC Tournament
Harman, Gareth1-0-0Mar-14WinRadstock UKCC Tournament
Heslington, Kateryna0-0-1Oct-13LossSAE - Reading School (Under 11)
Janakiram, Shreram0-0-1May-13LossUK Chess Challenge Berkshire MegaFinal (Under 9 Boys)
Kamath, Gaurav1-0-0Oct-13WinSAE - Reading School (Under 11)
Kamath, Vimal0-0-1Oct-13LossBerkshire Junior Congress (Beginners)
Kumar, Pawan1-0-0Mar-13WinRadstock UKCC Tournament
Mahesh, Saatvika0-0-1Oct-13LossSAE - Reading School (Under 11)
Manning, Oscar3-0-0Mar-13WinRadstock UKCC Tournament
Oct-13WinBerkshire Junior Congress (Beginners)
Mar-15WinRadstock UKCC Tournament
McClure, Oscar1-0-0Oct-13WinBerkshire Junior Congress (Beginners)
Mittal, Yuvam1-0-0Mar-15WinRadstock UKCC Tournament
Omar-Mufti, Adil0-0-1Mar-14LossRadstock UKCC Tournament
Pahwa, Mudit2-0-0Jan-15WinRadstock Xmas Tournament
Mar-15WinRadstock UKCC Tournament
Palmer, Charlotte1-0-0Mar-14WinRadstock UKCC Tournament
Pollard, Joe0-0-1May-13LossUK Chess Challenge Berkshire MegaFinal (Under 9 Boys)
Sanjay, Arunima1-0-0Jan-15WinRadstock Xmas Tournament
Scott, Harrison1-0-0Mar-13WinRadstock UKCC Tournament
Stockdale, Eliana1-0-0Jan-15WinRadstock Xmas Tournament
Sutton, Alasdair1-0-0Oct-13WinBerkshire Junior Congress (Beginners)
Tiwari, Ayush0-1-0Mar-13DrawRadstock UKCC Tournament
Vallis, Nicholas0-0-1Oct-13LossSAE - Reading School (Under 11)
Weir, Jamie0-0-1Oct-13LossBerkshire Junior Congress (Beginners)

Totals: 19 wins, 4 draws, 15 losses