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Berkshire Junior Chess

Player info - Kyle Mcdonald
School:not known
Age:14 (as of 31-Aug-2017)
Grade(s):516 (Berkshire Junior grade)   (see more about grading)
2014-15: 1 tournament
2013-14: 3 tournaments
Berks grade: start: 551, end: 516, max: 547
2012-13: 4 tournaments
Berks grade: start: 532, end: 551, max: 551

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Arora, Ojas0-0-1Apr-15LossMaidenhead Junior Congress (Under 12)
Beech, Alex1-0-0Apr-14WinMaidenhead Junior Congress (Under 12)
Biazoto Cerveira, Oliver0-1-0Jul-14DrawMaidenhead Junior Club Tournament
Calver, Aaron0-0-1Apr-13LossMaidenhead Junior Congress (Under 12)
Chandar, Mansa0-1-0May-13DrawUK Chess Challenge 'Last Chance Saloon' Qualifier (Section B)
Cummings, Maddie0-0-1Apr-13LossMaidenhead Junior Congress (Under 11)
Dobrynina, Sofya1-0-0Apr-13WinMaidenhead Junior Congress (Under 12)
Drennan, Kiran1-0-0May-13WinUK Chess Challenge 'Last Chance Saloon' Qualifier (Section B)
Harmer, Will1-0-0Jul-14WinMaidenhead Junior Club Tournament
Henley, Mark0-0-2Apr-14LossMaidenhead Junior Congress (Under 12)
Apr-14LossMaidenhead Junior Congress (Under 11)
Kamath, Gaurav1-0-0Jun-13WinMaidenhead Junior Club Tournament
Kapoor, Gurveen0-0-2May-13LossUK Chess Challenge 'Last Chance Saloon' Qualifier (Section B)
Apr-15LossMaidenhead Junior Congress (Under 12)
Lenoir, Arti1-0-0Jun-13WinMaidenhead Junior Club Tournament
Malam, Joel0-0-1Apr-13LossMaidenhead Junior Congress (Under 12)
Mansfield-Jones, Megan1-0-0Apr-14WinMaidenhead Junior Congress (Under 11)
Miles, Sean0-0-1Apr-14LossMaidenhead Junior Congress (Under 12)
Munn, Henry0-0-1Jul-14LossMaidenhead Junior Club Tournament
Narekuli, Ashwath1-0-0Jul-14WinMaidenhead Junior Club Tournament
Popat, Niam1-0-1May-13WinUK Chess Challenge 'Last Chance Saloon' Qualifier (Section B)
Jul-14LossMaidenhead Junior Club Tournament
Rennie, James0-0-1Apr-13LossMaidenhead Junior Congress (Under 11)
Saeed, Yaqub0-0-1Apr-14LossMaidenhead Junior Congress (Under 11)
Scott, Connor1-0-0Apr-14WinMaidenhead Junior Congress (Under 12)
Singh, Aditya0-0-1Apr-15LossMaidenhead Junior Congress (Under 12)
Sou, Michael1-0-2May-13WinUK Chess Challenge 'Last Chance Saloon' Qualifier (Section B)
Jun-13LossMaidenhead Junior Club Tournament
Apr-14LossMaidenhead Junior Congress (Under 11)
Thakrar, Eshaan1-0-0Jun-13WinMaidenhead Junior Club Tournament
Vallis, Luke0-0-1Apr-13LossMaidenhead Junior Congress (Under 12)
Velraj, Akshay0-0-2May-13LossUK Chess Challenge 'Last Chance Saloon' Qualifier (Section B)
Apr-14LossMaidenhead Junior Congress (Under 11)
Wallace, George1-0-0Apr-13WinMaidenhead Junior Congress (Under 11)

Totals: 13 wins, 2 draws, 19 losses