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Berkshire Junior Chess

Player info - Kamya Jani
School:Abbey Junior
Age:9 (as of 31-Aug-2017)
Grade(s):377 (Berkshire Junior grade)   (see more about grading)
2014-15: 5 tournaments
Berks grade: start: 320, end: 377, max: 377
Ranking(s): Girls: 19

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Bhandary, Ishani0-0-1Oct-14LossSAE - Abbey Junior
Blackwell, Francesca0-0-1Nov-14LossGirls Under 11 Trial
Chandra, Vivaan1-0-0Nov-14WinClaires Court Schools Tournament (Under 8)
Collin, Benjamin1-0-0Oct-14WinUnder 9 and Under 11 County Team Trials (Under 9 trial)
Collin, Eve1-0-0Oct-14WinUnder 9 and Under 11 County Team Trials (Under 9 trial)
Dargan, Henry0-0-2Oct-14LossBerkshire Junior Championship (Beginners)
Nov-14LossClaires Court Schools Tournament (Under 8)
Dargan, Tom2-0-0Oct-14WinBerkshire Junior Championship (Beginners)
Nov-14WinClaires Court Schools Tournament (Under 8)
Egborge, Fejiri0-0-1Oct-14LossUnder 9 and Under 11 County Team Trials (Under 9 trial)
Fleming, Liliana1-0-0Nov-14WinGirls Under 11 Trial
Harris, Mia0-0-1Oct-14LossUnder 9 and Under 11 County Team Trials (Under 9 trial)
Heslington, Kateryna0-0-1Nov-14LossGirls Under 11 Trial
Irani, Ava1-0-0Oct-14WinSAE - Abbey Junior
James, Archie1-0-0Oct-14WinSAE - Abbey Junior
Janakiram, Shreram0-0-1Oct-14LossSAE - Abbey Junior
Jolliffe, Ciara0-0-1Oct-14LossBerkshire Junior Championship (Beginners)
Kamath, Gaurav0-0-1Nov-14LossClaires Court Schools Tournament (Under 8)
Kaur, Eesha0-0-1Oct-14LossBerkshire Junior Championship (Beginners)
Kingsbury, Brandon0-0-1Oct-14LossUnder 9 and Under 11 County Team Trials (Under 9 trial)
Li, Sida0-1-0Oct-14DrawBerkshire Junior Championship (Beginners)
Li, Siyuan1-0-0Oct-14WinBerkshire Junior Championship (Beginners)
Miles, Euan0-0-1Oct-14LossSAE - Abbey Junior
Montgomery, Edward1-0-0Oct-14WinUnder 9 and Under 11 County Team Trials (Under 9 trial)
Raju, Shreya0-1-0Nov-14DrawGirls Under 11 Trial
Rosso, James0-1-0Oct-14DrawBerkshire Junior Championship (Beginners)
Samra, Ishraj1-0-0Nov-14WinClaires Court Schools Tournament (Under 8)
Sanjay, Arunima1-1-0Oct-14WinBerkshire Junior Championship (Beginners)
Nov-14DrawGirls Under 11 Trial
Saxena, Anvesha0-0-1Oct-14LossSAE - Abbey Junior
Yu, Phil0-0-1Oct-14LossBerkshire Junior Championship (Beginners)

Totals: 12 wins, 4 draws, 15 losses