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Berkshire Junior Chess

Player info - Yuvam Mittal
School:Reading School
Age:11 (as of 31-Aug-2017)
Grade(s):554 (Berkshire Junior grade)   (see more about grading)
84 (ECF Rapidplay)   (see ECF grading database entry)
2017-18: 1 tournament
Berks grade: start: 574, current: 554, max: 554
2016-17: 6 tournaments, 2 county team matches
Berks grade: start: 448, end: 564, max: 564
Ranking(s): Under 11: 23, Improvers: +116
2015-16: 6 tournaments
Berks grade: start: 381, end: 448, max: 476
2014-15: 3 tournaments, 1 school team match
Berks grade: start: 323, end: 381, max: 381

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Ahmed, Aniq0-0-1Jan-16LossSAE - Radstock (Major)
Ahmed, Farris1-0-0Apr-15WinUnder 9 Primary Schools Jamboree
Ahmed, Zarena1-0-0Jan-15WinRadstock Xmas Tournament
Ali, Azaan1-0-0Mar-17WinRadstock UKCC Tournament
Alsford, Liam0-0-1Jan-15LossRadstock Xmas Tournament
Batley, Ali0-0-1Nov-15LossSAE at Earley St Peter's
Batley, Amin1-0-0Nov-15WinSAE at Earley St Peter's
Chana, Kareena2-0-0Jan-15WinSAE - Radstock
Mar-15WinRadstock UKCC Tournament
Chopra, Advay1-0-0Oct-16WinCounty Team Trials (U9, U11, and U11 Girls) (Under 11)
Clark, Thomas1-1-1Mar-15LossRadstock UKCC Tournament
Dec-15WinRadstock Xmas Tournament
Mar-16DrawRadstock UKCC Tournament
Dhindsa, Bhavun1-0-0Mar-15WinRadstock UKCC Tournament
Dunbar, Daniel0-0-1Nov-17LossSAE - Reading School (Major Section)
Firth, Damien1-0-0Jan-16WinSAE - Radstock (Major)
Gandhi, Prakhar0-1-2Mar-15LossRadstock UKCC Tournament
Dec-15LossRadstock Xmas Tournament
Jan-16DrawSAE - Radstock (Major)
Henley, Mark0-0-1Jan-15LossSAE - Radstock
Janakiram, Shreram0-0-1Jan-16LossSAE - Radstock (Major)
Kanadia, Darsh1-0-0Mar-17WinRadstock UKCC Tournament
Karwa, Mannan0-0-1Jan-17LossSAE - Radstock
Kasule, Arnav1-0-0Jan-17WinSAE - Radstock
Kingham, James1-0-0Nov-17WinSAE - Reading School (Major Section)
Lee, Chan-Yeong1-1-0Dec-15WinRadstock Xmas Tournament
Mar-16DrawRadstock UKCC Tournament
Love, James0-0-1Oct-16LossCounty Team Trials (U9, U11, and U11 Girls) (Under 11)
Maynard, Clara0-0-2Jan-15LossRadstock Xmas Tournament
Dec-15LossRadstock Xmas Tournament
Maynard, Connie1-0-0Mar-16WinRadstock UKCC Tournament
Metcalfe, Ben1-0-0Mar-17WinRadstock UKCC Tournament
Midya, Shreyas1-0-0Jan-17WinSAE - Radstock
Moffat, Duncan2-0-0Dec-15WinRadstock Xmas Tournament
Mar-16WinRadstock UKCC Tournament
Munns, Nathan1-0-0Nov-15WinSAE at Earley St Peter's
Nagarajan, Abiram1-1-0Jan-15DrawSAE - Radstock
Mar-15WinRadstock UKCC Tournament
Nagarajan, Krishna0-0-1Jan-15LossSAE - Radstock
Palmer, Marcus0-1-1Nov-15DrawSAE at Earley St Peter's
Jan-16LossSAE - Radstock (Major)
Pandey, Shivansh0-0-1Mar-16LossRadstock UKCC Tournament
Patel, Sunay0-0-1Oct-16LossCounty Team Trials (U9, U11, and U11 Girls) (Under 11)
Peddi, Sreyas2-0-0Dec-15WinRadstock Xmas Tournament
Mar-17WinRadstock UKCC Tournament
Popat, Nayan0-0-1Oct-16LossCounty Team Trials (U9, U11, and U11 Girls) (Under 11)
Ramadan, Amare1-0-0Jan-17WinSAE - Radstock
Rao, Shree0-0-1Nov-17LossSAE - Reading School (Major Section)
Rizzo, Branson0-1-1Nov-16LossBerkshire squad training match
Nov-17DrawSAE - Reading School (Major Section)
Rybak, Teo0-0-1Apr-15LossUnder 9 Primary Schools Jamboree
Sackman, Harry0-0-1Mar-15LossRadstock UKCC Tournament
Saxena, Akshita0-0-1Nov-16LossBerkshire squad training match
Spanswick, Joshua1-0-0Apr-15WinUnder 9 Primary Schools Jamboree
Stockdale, Eliana0-0-1Jan-15LossRadstock Xmas Tournament
Tanveer, Haroon1-0-0Nov-15WinSAE at Earley St Peter's
Tiwari, Arav3-0-2Jan-15WinRadstock Xmas Tournament
Jan-15WinSAE - Radstock
Mar-16LossRadstock UKCC Tournament
Jan-17LossSAE - Radstock
Mar-17WinRadstock UKCC Tournament
Vallis, Nicholas0-0-1Nov-17LossSAE - Reading School (Major Section)
Vivekanand, Aarush2-0-0Oct-16WinCounty Team Trials (U9, U11, and U11 Girls) (Under 11)
Mar-17WinRadstock UKCC Tournament
Vivekanand, Arya3-0-2Jan-15LossSAE - Radstock
Mar-16WinRadstock UKCC Tournament
Oct-16WinCounty Team Trials (U9, U11, and U11 Girls) (Under 11)
Jan-17LossSAE - Radstock
Mar-17WinRadstock UKCC Tournament

Totals: 34 wins, 6 draws, 29 losses