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Berkshire Junior Chess

Player info - Marcus Ratcliffe
School:St. Nicholas Primary School, Hurst
Age:9 (as of 31-Aug-2017)
Grade(s):315 (Berkshire Junior grade)   (see more about grading)
2015-16: 1 tournament
Berks grade: start: 349, end: 315, max: 315
2014-15: 2 tournaments, 1 school team match
Berks grade: start: 380, end: 349, max: 380

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Hodgkins, Darcy1-0-0Mar-15WinSt Nicholas UKCC Tournament
James, Archie0-0-1Mar-15LossSt Nicholas UKCC Tournament
Lee, Chan-Yeong0-0-1Jan-16LossSAE - St. Nicholas, Hurst
Morgan, Richard0-1-0Jan-16DrawSAE - St. Nicholas, Hurst
O’Connor, Finlay1-0-0Mar-15WinSt Nicholas UKCC Tournament
O’Connor, Ryan0-0-1Mar-15LossSt Nicholas UKCC Tournament
Palmer, Callum0-1-0Mar-15DrawSAE - St Michael's, Sandhurst
Palmer, Samuel0-0-2Mar-15LossSAE - St Michael's, Sandhurst
Jan-16LossSAE - St. Nicholas, Hurst
Quelch, Charlie1-0-0Mar-15WinSt Nicholas UKCC Tournament
Sanjay, Arunima0-0-1Mar-15LossSAE - St Michael's, Sandhurst
Say, Connie0-0-1Mar-15LossSt Nicholas UKCC Tournament
Vaughan, Charlie1-0-0Mar-15WinSt Nicholas UKCC Tournament
Vivekanand, Aarush0-1-0Jan-16DrawSAE - St. Nicholas, Hurst
Wheal, Jake0-0-1Jan-16LossSAE - St. Nicholas, Hurst
Yates, Toby1-0-0Mar-15WinSAE - St Michael's, Sandhurst

Totals: 5 wins, 3 draws, 8 losses