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Berkshire Junior Chess

Player info - Tiffany Wangunyu
School:The Holt School
Age:11 (as of 31-Aug-2017)
Grade(s):300 (Berkshire Junior grade)   (see more about grading)
2017-18: 2 tournaments
Berks grade: start: 300, current: 300, max: 305
2016-17: 1 tournament
2015-16: 5 tournaments
Berks grade: start: 330, end: 300, max: 330

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Ahmed, Aniq0-0-2Nov-15LossSAE at Earley St Peter's
Dec-15LossSAE - Wellington College
Akhauri, Aadya0-2-0Oct-15DrawSAE - Abbey Junior
Oct-15DrawBerkshire Junior Championship (Beginners)
Bade, Nikitha0-0-1Sep-17LossLangley Open (Under 18)
Beech, Alex0-0-1Dec-15LossSAE - Wellington College
Bella Looker, Oya0-0-1Oct-15LossSAE - Abbey Junior
Chandaka, Surya0-0-1Sep-17LossLangley Open (Under 18)
Charles, Alexander0-0-1Oct-15LossBerkshire Junior Championship (Beginners)
Charles, Christopher0-0-1Oct-15LossBerkshire Junior Championship (Beginners)
Ebert Batalla, Alina0-0-1Nov-15LossGirls Under 11 Trial
Ganeshbabu, Adarsh Arun0-0-1Oct-15LossBerkshire Junior Championship (Beginners)
Ghatge, Ishita0-0-1Nov-15LossGirls Under 11 Trial
Harris, Mia0-0-1Apr-18LossUK Chess Challenge Berkshire MegaFinal (Under 12-13 Boys and Girls)
Khan, Sarah1-0-0Oct-15WinBerkshire Junior Championship (Beginners)
Kobrina, Sasha1-0-0Oct-15WinBerkshire Junior Championship (Beginners)
Kohli, Aryan1-0-0Sep-17WinLangley Open (Under 18)
Lee, Chan-Yeong0-0-1Dec-15LossSAE - Wellington College
Makhija, Akshat0-0-1Oct-15LossSAE - Abbey Junior
Mohamed-Nowfal, Aaqilah0-0-1Nov-15LossSAE at Earley St Peter's
Palmer, Samuel0-0-2Oct-15LossSAE - Abbey Junior
Nov-15LossSAE at Earley St Peter's
Quinn, Jessica1-0-0Oct-15WinSAE - Abbey Junior
Rajeev-Lazar, Seyon0-0-1Nov-15LossSAE at Earley St Peter's
Rao, Shree0-0-1Oct-15LossBerkshire Junior Championship (Beginners)
Sampath, Aniket1-0-0Oct-15WinBerkshire Junior Championship (Beginners)
Saxena, Akshita0-0-1Nov-15LossGirls Under 11 Trial
Say, Connie0-0-1Nov-15LossGirls Under 11 Trial
Stewart, James0-0-1Oct-15LossBerkshire Junior Championship (Beginners)
Tanveer, Haroon0-1-0Dec-15DrawSAE - Wellington College
Tanveer, Harris0-0-1Dec-15LossSAE - Wellington College
Vallis, Luke0-0-1Sep-17LossLangley Open (Under 18)

Totals: 5 wins, 3 draws, 24 losses