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Player info - Ethan Rayer
School:not known
Age:over 17
Grade(s):616 (Berkshire Junior grade)   (see more about grading)
2006-07: 3 tournaments, 2 school team matches
Berks grade: start: 621, end: 606, max: 606
2005-06: 4 tournaments, 1 school team match
Berks grade: start: 561, end: 621, max: 621
2004-05: 5 tournaments, 4 county team matches
Berks grade: start: 635, end: 561, max: 635

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Anderson, Scott0-0-1Oct-05LossPrimary Schools Jamboree
Andrews, Sam1-0-1Feb-05WinCaversham Primary UKCC Tournament
Nov-05LossSAE - Caversham Primary (Challengers Section)
Asser, Martyn2-0-0Nov-05WinSAE - Caversham Primary (Challengers Section)
Feb-06WinSAE - Streatley Primary
Bakici, Alper0-0-1Oct-04LossUnder 9 Trial
Burfoot, Henry0-0-1Feb-07LossSAE - Streatley Primary
Calway, Jason1-0-0Oct-05WinUnder 11 Trial
Chalmers, Amy0-0-1Dec-04LossSAE - Whiteknights (Under 9 Section)
Charrington, Max1-0-0Feb-06WinSAE - Streatley Primary
Connor, Ellie0-0-1Jan-05LossSAE - St. Nicholas, Hurst (Open Section)
Davie, James1-0-0Dec-04WinSAE - Whiteknights (Under 9 Section)
Goodwin, Sam0-0-1Feb-07LossSAE - Streatley Primary
Gray, Nicholas0-0-1Oct-05LossUnder 11 Trial
Greenwood, Keiran1-0-0Feb-07WinSAE - Streatley Primary
Hall, Ned0-0-1Oct-06LossSAE - Caversham Primary (Open Section)
Hallström, Daniel0-0-1Oct-05LossUnder 11 Trial
Hanson, Richard1-0-0Feb-07WinSAE - Streatley Primary
Herring, Isaac0-0-1Oct-06LossSAE - Caversham Primary (Open Section)
Hodgson, James2-0-0Nov-05WinSAE - Caversham Primary (Challengers Section)
Feb-07WinSAE - Streatley Primary
Holdaway, Emily1-0-0Feb-05WinCaversham Primary UKCC Tournament
Honey, Peter0-0-1Oct-05LossUnder 11 Trial
Howson, George1-0-0Feb-06WinSAE - Streatley Primary
Hussain, Junaid1-0-0Nov-06WinClaires Court and Ridgeway Society Sixth Annual Chess Festival (Under 11)
Ive, Tim1-0-0Jan-05WinSAE - St. Nicholas, Hurst (Open Section)
Jensen, Harvey1-0-0Mar-06WinCaversham Primary UKCC Tournament
Khandekar, Varun0-0-1Nov-06LossClaires Court and Ridgeway Society Sixth Annual Chess Festival (Under 11)
Kirk, James0-0-2Oct-04LossUnder 9 Trial
Nov-04LossUnder 14,11 and 9 Practice Match (Berks Knights v. Dragons)
Kryvossidis, Dimitris1-0-1Mar-06WinCaversham Primary UKCC Tournament
Oct-06LossSAE - Caversham Primary (Open Section)
Lane, Matthew1-0-0Oct-04WinUnder 9 Trial
Lazenby, Joss1-0-0Mar-06WinCaversham Primary UKCC Tournament
Mannering, Harvey1-0-0Oct-04WinUnder 9 Trial
Manning, Fiona1-0-0Dec-04WinSAE - Whiteknights (Under 9 Section)
Manton-Jones, Alexander0-0-1Oct-05LossPrimary Schools Jamboree
Matthews, Alex0-0-1Oct-06LossSAE - Caversham Primary (Open Section)
Maturu, Harsha1-1-0Feb-05DrawCaversham Primary UKCC Tournament
Mar-06WinCaversham Primary UKCC Tournament
Merrison, Will1-0-0Nov-04WinSAE - Caversham Primary (Under 9 Section)
Morris, Toby0-1-1Nov-04LossSAE - Caversham Primary (Under 9 Section)
Feb-05DrawCaversham Primary UKCC Tournament
Newton, Alec0-0-4Nov-04LossSAE - Caversham Primary (Under 9 Section)
Feb-05LossCaversham Primary UKCC Tournament
Feb-06LossSAE - Streatley Primary
Mar-06LossCaversham Primary UKCC Tournament
Newton, Juliette2-0-0Nov-05WinSAE - Caversham Primary (Challengers Section)
Oct-06WinPrimary Schools Jamboree
Nijjar, Vieran0-0-1Nov-06LossClaires Court and Ridgeway Society Sixth Annual Chess Festival (Under 11)
Pena-Walsh, Tomas0-2-3Dec-04LossSAE - Whiteknights (Under 9 Section)
Feb-05LossCaversham Primary UKCC Tournament
Oct-05LossUnder 11 Trial
Mar-06DrawCaversham Primary UKCC Tournament
Nov-06DrawClaires Court and Ridgeway Society Sixth Annual Chess Festival (Under 11)
Powell, Charlie0-0-1Nov-05LossSAE - Caversham Primary (Challengers Section)
Rajasubramanian, Nikhil1-0-0Nov-06WinClaires Court and Ridgeway Society Sixth Annual Chess Festival (Under 11)
Ralph, Bradley0-1-1Nov-04DrawSAE - Caversham Primary (Under 9 Section)
Jan-05LossSAE - St. Nicholas, Hurst (Open Section)
Ralph, Sian0-0-1Jan-05LossSAE - St. Nicholas, Hurst (Open Section)
Roberts, Jonathan0-0-1Jan-05LossSAE - St. Nicholas, Hurst (Open Section)
Rogers, Chloe0-0-1Nov-06LossCaversham A v. Polehampton
Rogers, Reece1-1-0Dec-04WinSAE - Whiteknights (Under 9 Section)
Nov-05DrawSAE - Caversham Primary (Challengers Section)
Rowe, Stephen1-0-2Nov-04LossSAE - Caversham Primary (Under 9 Section)
Nov-04LossUnder 14,11 and 9 Practice Match (Berks Knights v. Dragons)
Oct-05WinUnder 11 Trial
Samyrao, Kisshor Kcumar0-1-0Oct-04DrawUnder 9 Trial
Shapland, George1-0-0Jan-05WinSAE - St. Nicholas, Hurst (Open Section)
Slark, Thomas1-0-0Oct-05WinPrimary Schools Jamboree
Smith, Jonathan0-1-1Feb-06LossSAE - Streatley Primary
Feb-07DrawSAE - Streatley Primary
Spyrou, Alexis0-0-2Feb-05LossCaversham Primary UKCC Tournament
Mar-06LossCaversham Primary UKCC Tournament
Trice, Ashley0-0-1Feb-06LossSAE - Streatley Primary
Vonchek, Robin0-0-1Oct-06LossPrimary Schools Jamboree
Wadsworth, Matthew0-0-1Oct-06LossSAE - Caversham Primary (Open Section)
Wright, Toby0-0-1Oct-05LossPrimary Schools Jamboree

Totals: 29 wins, 8 draws, 41 losses