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Player Age School Grade
Sachdeva, Shaan11Reading488
Samra, Ishraj9Claires Court Junior Boys300
Sanjeev, Veer556
Satish, Shaunak13Reading782
Saxena, Akshita9Abbey Junior467
Saxena, Anvesha12Kendrick643
Scott, Connor15Denefield720
Sekhon, Sehajbir7
Sellers, William
Shapkin, Misha7All Saints, Fleet
Sharma, Josh8Claires Court Junior Boys639
Shek, Daniel8Yateley Manor855
Singh, Yash11Reading379
Sinha, Reeti11435
Smith, Hermione7Abbey Junior
Soloman, Chohan
Song, James9Radstock412
Spanswick, Joshua9Claires Court Junior Boys551
Sreeram, Yashasvini7Castleview690
Srikanta Prasad, Suyash10West Drayton836
Stoyanov, Boris9Willow Bank823
Stoyanov, Viktor14The Forest1107
Suriarachchi, Moksha8Claires Court Junior Boys552

23 players listed

Note: All grades are "Berkshire Junior Grades" unless otherwise stated. (see more about grades)