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Match Detail
Results - SAE - Downs School
Date, Location:Sat, 11-Oct-2008, The Downs School
Further info:7 rounds, 8 entrants, ages as of: 31-Aug-2008, grade bonus: 15
See also:Last Season's results (Sat, 11-Oct-2008), Printer-friendly page

Final Standings
NameGradeAgeSchoolPointsNew Grade
1 Maximillian Papachristos 1221 12 Edgebarrow 7 1255(+34)
2= Benjamin Dunbar 519 7 Curridge 528(+9)
Tom Lant 403 9 St. Piran's 476(+73)Won minor trophy
4 Joe Liquorish 604 8 Curridge 4 613(+9)
5 Alex Luke 11 Downs
6 Tom Billiau 11 Downs
7 Charles Hooper 11 Downs
8 Gwennan Walters 443 13 Downs ½ 408(-35)

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1Maximillian Papachristos w3+ w7+ b2+ w6+ b8+ w5+ b4+ 73.0 44871 3.5319
2Benjamin Dunbar w5+ b4- w1- b7+ w3= w6+ b8+ 3.4 41.5580 1.65-6
3Tom Lant b1- w8+ b7= w5= b2= w4+ b6+ 3.4 42.5580 1.0658
4Joe Liquorish b7+ w2+ b6= w8+ b5= b3- w1- 43.4 42580 2.14-6
5Alex Luke b2- w6= b8+ b3= w4= b1- w7+ 3.5 52350
6Tom Billiau w8= b5= w4= b1- w7+ b2- w3- 3.6 51350
7Charles Hooper w4- b1- w3= w2- b6- w8+ b5- 3.8 51.5350
8Gwennan Walters b6= b3- w5- b4- w1- b7- w2- ½3.9 40580 1.25-50

  1. The Num column is the position of the player in the final standings list above.
  2. Each entry in the detail part of the table represents a match from the event.
  3. An entry consists of:
    • the colour used by the player as shown on the left of the row (w=white, b=black, in case you hadn't guessed)
    • the tournament number of the opponent (to find who the opponent actually was, look them up via the player num to name list given by the first two columns)
    • the result of the match (+: win, =: draw, -: loss).
  4. If you hover your cursor over a match result, an information box will pop up giving details of the match.
  5. AOS is average opponent score.
  6. The Grading Calculation columns (if displayed) are:
    • GG - graded games
    • GS - score from graded games only
    • AOG - average opponent grade (note that if a grade difference is > 350, then the opponent grade is adjusted such that the gap is exactly 350 for the purposes of this calculation)
    • ES - expected score (see Grading page for details) //~
    • GC - grade change (see Grading page for details)