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Match Detail
Results - Primary Schools Jamboree
Date, Location:Thu, 15-Oct-2009, Dolphin School, Hurst
Further info:Jamboree format, 4 boards, 4 rounds, 10 teams, BJCA grade bonus: 5
See also:Last Season's results (Thu, 15-Oct-2009)

Player Results Crosstab for all players (with grades)

Caversham A | Caversham B | Dolphin A | Dolphin B | Dolphin C | Dolphin D | Earley St. Peter's A | Earley St. Peter's B | Ridgeway | St. Nicholas

NumName1234TotNew Grade
   Caversham A
21Joshua Hankins (1104)w26=b6+b11+w41+1115
22Lizzie Smith (769)b7+w37+w2-w47+3768
23Ben Iddon (732)b43-w18+b33+b38+3722
24Hugh Bannister (607)w4+b14+b34+w20-3617
   Caversham B
6Luke Tunstall (557)b1-w21-b46+b31+2569
7Louis Allsop (535)w22-b17-w37+w42+2542
8Ewan Morgan (527)b33+w43-b3-w28-1505
9James Lin (478)w14+b29+w19+b50-3546
   Dolphin A
26Thomas Robinson (1026)b21=b36+w16+w46+1039
27William Pearson (786)w32+b12+b43+w17-3780
28Sebastian Blackwell (901)b13+w3+w48+b8+4933
29Navaditya Aithani (635)b44+w9-b39+w4+3638
30Connagh Duffield (531)
   Dolphin B
16Leo De Frettes (573)w11+w46+b26+w1-3647
17Henry Leakey (724)b47+w7+w32-b27+3765
18Clare Pearson (701)b3-b23-w38+1676
19Max Head (526)w39+b9+w43+3567
20Alisha Watts (575)b45-b24+1569
   Dolphin C
41Josh McDermott (563)w46+w1-w31+b21-2575
42Eden Tayipp (509)b37+b32+b7-2495
43Sam Sahami (497)w23+b8+w27-b19-2534
44Morgan Zolkwer (379)w29-b13-w14-0340
45Bruce Williams (356)w20+b50-1392
   Dolphin D
46Thomas Lewthwaite-Page (368)b41-b16-w6-b26-0340
47Huxley Robinson-Butler (401)w17-b2-w12-b22-0381
48Adrian Sahami (408)w38=b33+b28-w13-394
49Joseph Zolkwer (406)w34+b39+2411
50Edward Fryw45+w9+2
   Earley St. Peter's A
36Andy Barwickb31=w26-b1-w11-½
37Edmund Wesleyw42-b22-b7-b2-0
38Ben Cookb48=w13-b18-w23-½
39Tom Mooreb19-w49-w29-w34+1
40Jack Millar
   Earley St. Peter's B
31Alex Phillipsw36=w11-b41-w6-½
32Jasmine Thompsonb27-w42-b17-b12-0
33Ben Greenw8-w48-w23-b3-0
34Malachi Henryb49-b4-w24-b39-0
35Alex Dawkins
36Andy Barwickb31=w26-b1-w11-0
1Kieran Grey (935)w6+b41+w36+b16+4954
2James Kinsler-Lubienski (863)b12+w47+b22+w37+4890
3Charles Grayson (852)w18+b28-w8+w33+3854
4Neville Birdi (642)b24-w34+b15+b29-2605
5Joseph Gribben (548)
   St. Nicholas
11Sam Graesser (601)b16-b31+w21-b36+2583
12Tom Langer (539)w2-w27-b47+w32+2548
13Thomas Frost (461)w28-b38+w44+48+3498
14Edward Shapland (333)b9-w24-b44+1343
15Thomas Kendallw4-0

  1. Num is simply a number assigned to the player at the start of the event.
  2. Each entry in the detail part of the table represents a match from the event.
  3. An entry consists of:
    • the colour used by the player as shown on the left of the row (w=white, b=black, in case you hadn't guessed)
    • the tournament number of the opponent (to find who the opponent actually was, look them up via the player num to name list given by the first two columns)
    • the result of the match (+: win, =: draw, -: loss).
    • empty results indicate that the player was a reserve for that round.
  4. If you hover your cursor over a match result, an information box will pop up giving details of the match.

Final Team Standings
1st Dolphin A 13½
2nd Ridgeway 13
3rd Caversham A 12½
4 Dolphin B 10
5= Caversham B 8
5= St. Nicholas 8
7 Dolphin C 7
8 Dolphin D
9 Earley St. Peter's A 2
10 Earley St. Peter's B ½