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Match Detail
Junior Chess
Results - Claires Court Junior Boys School Tournament
Date, Location:Mon, 07-Jul-2014, Claires Court Junior Boys School (all entrants are from this school)
Further info:8 rounds, entrants, ages as of: 31-Aug-2013

Final Standings
NameGradeAgePointsNew Grade
1st Jake Bains-Gillespie 1210 9 8 1248(+38)
2nd Aditya Singh 629 9 7 729(+100)
3rd Sam Rollett 558 8 6 606(+48)
4= Duncan Kenton 673 10 644(-29)
Henry Dargan 434 6 505(+71)
6= Ojas Arora 728 9 5 704(-24)
Oliver McMillan 445 8 5 529(+84)
Kyle Wheeler 435 8 5 500(+65)
Niam Popat 552 8 5 557(+5)
Aaron Mussell 465 9 5 499(+34)
Andrey Todorov 431 10 5 468(+37)
Rory Saffman 6 5 465(new)
13= Harry Grayson 695 9 665(-30)
Teo Rybak 444 6 486(+42)
Samuel Jackson 7 416(new)
16= Matthew Watkins 448 9 4 454(+6)
Joshua Fisher 410 9 4 431(+21)
Wade Thomas 8 4 415(new)
Nayan Popat 6 4 393(new)
Lachlan Kerr 7 4 389(new)
William Mason 6 4 366(new)
Quinn Thomas 6 4 338(new)
Tate Thomas 6 4 330(new)
24= Harrison Kerr 7 323(new)
Alex Peach 6 312(new)
William McMath 6 302(new)
William Stone 7 304(new)
Oscar Helm 6
Fraser Jones 6
Theo Sullivan 6
31= Sam Mead 350 8 3 357(+7)
Noah Bardwell 7 3
Sam Jeffery 6 3
Joseph Reid 6 3
Arjun Gupta 6 3
36= Luca Thomas 7
Eren Bartlett 7
38 Caiden McNulty 7 2
39 Nyle Cohen 7 1


(see below for information on how to use this table)
1Jake Bains-Gillespie b24+ w8+ b10+ w3+ b2+ w7+ b6+ w13+ 85.1
2Aditya Singh b35+ w31+ b6+ w9+ w1- b4+ w13+ b8+ 74.9
3Sam Rollett w37+ b18+ w16+ b1- w31+ w6- b11+ b7+ 64.6
4Duncan Kenton w36+ b5+ w9- b18+ w17+ w2- b7= w14+ 4.7
5Henry Dargan b29+ w4- b20+ w31- b24+ b10+ w14= w6+ 4.3
6Ojas Arora w39+ b14+ w2- b13+ w10+ b3+ w1- b5- 55.2
7Oliver McMillan w22+ b26+ w13= b16+ w14+ b1- w4= w3- 55.0
8Kyle Wheeler w32+ b1- w15+ b14- w19+ b18+ b9+ w2- 55.0
9Niam Popat b34+ w27+ b4+ b2- w13- b17+ w8- b18+ 54.6
10Aaron Mussell w30+ b38+ w1- b19+ b6- w5- w15+ b17+ 54.6
11Andrey Todorov w25+ b13- w38+ b17- w12+ b31+ w3- b16+ 54.0
12Rory Saffman w17+ b16- w14- b39+ b11- w33+ w32+ b19+ 53.6
13Harry Grayson b20+ w11+ b7= w6- b9+ w16+ b2- b1- 5.4
14Teo Rybak b23+ w6- b12+ w8+ b7- w20+ b5= b4- 4.9
15Samuel Jackson b27- w34+ b8- w29+ b21= w23+ b10- w31+ 3.9
16Matthew Watkins b21+ w12+ b3- w7- b23+ b13- w25+ w11- 44.6
17Joshua Fisher b12- w33+ b21+ w11+ b4- w9- b31+ w10- 44.4
18Wade Thomas b33+ w3- b25+ w4- b34+ w8- b20+ w9- 44.4
19Nayan Popat b31- w24+ b27+ w10- b8- w28+ b21+ w12- 44.1
20Lachlan Kerr w13- b28+ w5- b36+ w25+ b14- w18- b34+ 43.9
21William Mason w16- b37+ w17- b32+ w15= b36+ w19- b22= 43.6
22Quinn Thomas b7- w30= b35+ w23- b28- w39+ b27+ w21= 43.4
23Tate Thomas w14- bye+b29= b22+ w16- b15- w26= b32+ 43.4
24Harrison Kerr w1- b19- w28+ b38+ w5- b25- w30= b36+ 4.1
25Alex Peach b11- b39+ w18- w27+ b20- w24+ b16- w26= 3.6
26William McMath w28+ w7- b31- w34- b37+ w27= b23= b25= 3.5
27William Stone w15+ b9- w19- b25- w39+ b26= w22- b38+ 3.4
28Oscar Helm b26- w20- b24- w35+ w22+ b19- b33= w39+ 3.3
29Fraser Jones w5- b32= w23= b15- w36- bye+b35+ w33= 3.2
30Theo Sullivan b10- b22= w32- w33- bye+w35= b24= w37+ 3.0
31Sam Mead w19+ b2- w26+ b5+ b3- w11- w17- b15- 34.9
32Noah Bardwell b8- w29= b30+ w21- b33= w34+ b12- w23- 33.9
33Sam Jeffery w18- b17- w36= b30+ w32= b12- w28= b29= 33.6
34Joseph Reid w9- b15- w37+ b26+ w18- b32- bye+w20- 33.3
35Arjun Gupta w2- b36= w22- b28- w38+ b30= w29- bye+33.3
36Luca Thomas b4- w35= b33= w20- b29+ w21- b37= w24- 3.6
37Eren Bartlett b3- w21- b34- bye+w26- b38+ w36= b30- 3.1
38Caiden McNulty bye+w10- b11- w24- b35- w37- b39+ w27- 22.9
39Nyle Cohen b6- w25- bye+w12- b27- b22- w38- b28- 13.3

  1. The Num column is the position of the player in the final standings list above.
  2. Each entry in the detail part of the table represents a match from the event.
  3. An entry consists of:
    • the colour used by the player as shown on the left of the row (w=white, b=black, in case you hadn't guessed)
    • the tournament number of the opponent (to find who the opponent actually was, look them up via the player num to name list given by the first two columns)
    • the result of the match (+: win, =: draw, -: loss).
  4. AOS is average opponent score.