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Match Detail
Junior Chess
Results - UK Chess Challenge Qualifier at Sonning Common (Under 18)
Date, Location:Sat, 07-Mar-2015, Sonning Common Primary
Further info:7 rounds, 15 entrants (34 in all sections), ages as of: 31-Aug-2014
(note: scoring system is 3-2-1 for win-draw-lose)
N.B. Results are provisional and need to be approved for general publication.

Final Standings
NameGradeAgeSchoolPointsNew Grade
1st Matthew Wadsworth 2021 14 Reading 21 2045(+24)
2nd James Moody 1065 14 Piggott 19 1069(+4)
3rd Rayyan Farooq 12 Tudor Grange Academy, Solihull 17
4= Jamie Weir 692 11 Reading 15 715(+23)
Aylin Gurleyen 647 11 n/a 15 631(-16)
Oliver Stubbs 12 Mangotsfield, Bristol 15
7= Austin See 15 Cottenham College, Cambridge 14
Tejas Anand 11 Magdalen College School 14
9= Sean Miles 788 12 Reading 13 794(+6)
Siddarth Ramaraju 788 11 Tiffin School 13 762(-26)
Ramprasad Dinaker 11 Bedford Modern School 13
William Gillow 12 Cherwell School, Oxon 13
13 Imogen Young 11 Didcot Girls' School 12
14 Benedict Cox 11 Bedford Modern School 11
15 Aidan Goslin 11 Willink School 9


(see below for information on how to use this table)
1Matthew Wadsworth w5+ b4+ w2+ b3+ b7+ w9+ w10+ 2115.1
2James Moody b14+ w13+ b1- w6+ b9+ b3+ w7+ 1914.7
3Rayyan Farooq b8+ w9+ b10+ w1- b6+ w2- b4+ 1715.7
4Jamie Weir b6+ w1- b13+ w7- b10+ b8+ w3- 1515.1
5Aylin Gurleyen b1- w15+ b7- w9- w14+ w11+ b13+ 1513.3
6Oliver Stubbs w4- b12+ w11+ b2- w3- bye+b9+ 1512.9
7Austin See defb10+ w5+ b4+ w1- w13+ b2- 1413.6
8Tejas Anand w3- b11- w12+ b15+ b13= w4- bye+1411.3
9Sean Miles w11+ b3- w14+ b5+ w2- b1- w6- 1315.9
10Siddarth Ramaraju b15+ w7- w3- b14+ w4- w12+ b1- 1314.3
11Ramprasad Dinaker b9- w8+ b6- w13- bye+b5- w15+ 1311.1
12William Gillow b13- w6- b8- bye+w15+ b10- w14+ 1310.6
13Imogen Young w12+ b2- w4- b11+ w8= b7- w5- 1214.7
14Benedict Cox w2- bye+b9- w10- b5- w15+ b12- 1111.7
15Aidan Goslin w10- b5- bye+w8- b12- b14- b11- 911.3

  1. The Num column is the position of the player in the final standings list above.
  2. Each entry in the detail part of the table represents a match from the event.
  3. An entry consists of:
    • the colour used by the player as shown on the left of the row (w=white, b=black, in case you hadn't guessed)
    • the tournament number of the opponent (to find who the opponent actually was, look them up via the player num to name list given by the first two columns)
    • the result of the match (+: win, =: draw, -: loss).
  4. AOS is average opponent score.