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Junior Chess
Results - UK Chess Challenge Qualifier at Sonning Common (Under 11)
Date, Location:Sat, 07-Mar-2015, Sonning Common Primary
Further info:7 rounds, 19 entrants (34 in all sections), ages as of: 31-Aug-2014
(note: scoring system is 3-2-1 for win-draw-lose)
N.B. Results are provisional and need to be approved for general publication.

Final Standings
NameGradeAgeSchoolPointsNew Grade
1 Tristian See 8 Waterbeach, Cambridge 18
2= Noa Benadel 10 Wolvercote Primary School, Oxon 17
Mannan Karwa 740 10 Southlake Primary 17 762(+22)
4= Euan Miles 766 10 Caversham 16 773(+7)
David Winsor 800 10 Dolphin 16 815(+15)
6= Saatvika Mahesh 770 10 Abbey Junior 15 794(+24)
Suyash Srikanta Prasad 478 7 West Drayton 15 557(+79)
Shaunak Satish 524 10 St. Piran's 15 577(+53)
Shreyas Anand 8 Magdalen College School 15
Arjan Tucker 10 Staines Prep School 15
11 Advay Chopra 435 8 Oldfield 14 457(+22)
12= Joshua Yates 685 8 Charles Kingsley 13 615(-70)
Daniel Cox Wolvercote Primary School, Oxon 13
Luke Rebttolz 347 8 Sonning Common Primary 13 377(+30)
Felipe Goodman 762 9 Lyndhurst 13 656(-106)
16 Kateryna Heslington 600 9 Abbey Junior 10 610(+10)
17= Ryan Crosbie 8 Sonning Common Primary 9 300(new)
Lucian Cox 6 Pinchmill Lower School, Beds 9
Dimitri Fitzherbert 468 8 Gorse Ride 9 463(-5)


(see below for information on how to use this table)
1Tristian See defb13+ w7+ b16+ w6+ b4+ w5+ 1812.1
2Noa Benadel b19+ w3+ w4= b5- w8= w14+ b6+ 1714.4
3Mannan Karwa w17+ b2- w10+ b13+ w5= b6= w7+ 1714.3
4Euan Miles b7+ w12+ b2= w6- b9+ w1- b14+ 1615.1
5David Winsor b18+ w15+ b6- w2+ b3= w12+ b1- 1614.6
6Saatvika Mahesh w9+ b10= w5+ b4+ b1- w3= w2- 1516.3
7Suyash Srikanta Prasad w4- b14+ b1- w15+ b19+ w8+ b3- 1514.4
8Shaunak Satish w10- b9= w17+ w12+ b2= b7- w13+ 1513.9
9Shreyas Anand b6- w8= b18+ b10+ w4- w16= b12+ 1513.3
10Arjan Tucker b8+ w6= b3- w9- b11= bye+w18+ 1512.1
11Advay Chopra b15- w18+ b12- w19- w10= bye+b17+ 149.7
12Joshua Yates w14+ b4- w11+ b8- w17+ b5- w9- 1314.0
13Daniel Cox b16+ w1- b19+ w3- b14- w15+ b8- 1313.6
14Luke Rebttolz b12- w7- bye+b17+ w13+ b2- w4- 1311.9
15Felipe Goodman w11+ b5- w16- b7- w18+ b13- bye+1311.0
16Kateryna Heslington w13- bye+b15+ w1- defb9= w/d108.4
17Ryan Crosbie b3- w19- b8- w14- b12- w18+ w11- 912.9
18Lucian Cox w5- b11- w9- bye+b15- b17- b10- 911.7
19Dimitri Fitzherbert w2- b17+ w13- b11+ w7- w/dw/d99.7

  1. The Num column is the position of the player in the final standings list above.
  2. Each entry in the detail part of the table represents a match from the event.
  3. An entry consists of:
    • the colour used by the player as shown on the left of the row (w=white, b=black, in case you hadn't guessed)
    • the tournament number of the opponent (to find who the opponent actually was, look them up via the player num to name list given by the first two columns)
    • the result of the match (+: win, =: draw, -: loss).
  4. AOS is average opponent score.