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Match Detail
Results - Schools B League Final
Date, Location:Thu, 28-Jun-2007, Earley St. Peter's
Further info:Jamboree format, 5 boards, 2 rounds, 6 teams

Player Results Crosstab for all players (with grades)

Ascot Heath | Dolphin | Earley St. Peter's A | Earley St. Peter's B | Kidmore End | Whiteknights

NumName12TotNew Grade
   Ascot Heath
17Jordan Brooks (545)w22-b27-0500
18Daniel Massey (518)b7-w13-0507
19Callum Kay (446)b3-b24=½446
20Ewan McCulloch (469)w30-w9-0442
21Ryan Jafrib16-w5-0
6Adam Pearson (736)b1+b12-1732
7Sebastian Hickman (596)w18+b23+2624
8Peter Robinson (582)b29+w3-1596
9Christian Green (473)w15+b20+2523
10Miles Deans (527)w26+1527
11Thomas Robinson (486)w31+1502
   Earley St. Peter's A
12William Foo (950)b27+w6+2964
13Varun Khandekar (922)w2+b18+2932
14Vieran Nijjar (616)w24+w29+2629
15Adam Hobbs (563)b9-b4+1543
16Gabriel Osho (476)w21+b26+2476
   Earley St. Peter's B
22Liam Duan (468)b17+b1-1497
23Robert Hobbs (365)w28=w7-½376
24Nikhil Kachhwahab14-w19=½
25Amelia Leanw4=b30-½
26Luke Enfieldb10-w16-0
   Kidmore End
1Elliott Mortonw6-w22+1
2Muhammad Aminib13-w28-0
3Sam Lansdalew19+b8+2
4Freddie Appletonb25=w15-½
5Joe Newmanb31+b21+2
27Adam Tull (441)w12-w17+1474
28Hwanseo Choi (687)b23=b2+677
29David Bradbury (371)w8-b14-0359
30Faraz Rahimi (608)b20+w25+2625
31Justin Campbell-Platt (322)w5-b11-0316

  1. Num is simply a number assigned to the player at the start of the event.
  2. Each entry in the detail part of the table represents a match from the event.
  3. An entry consists of:
    • the colour used by the player as shown on the left of the row (w=white, b=black, in case you hadn't guessed)
    • the tournament number of the opponent (to find who the opponent actually was, look them up via the player num to name list given by the first two columns)
    • the result of the match (+: win, =: draw, -: loss).
    • empty results indicate that the player was a reserve for that round.
  4. If you hover your cursor over a match result, an information box will pop up giving details of the match.

Final Team Standings
1st Earley St. Peter's A 9
2nd Dolphin 8
3rd Kidmore End
4 Whiteknights
5 Earley St. Peter's B
6 Ascot Heath ½