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Match Detail
Results - Primary Schools Jamboree
Date, Location:Thu, 11-Oct-2007, Dolphin School, Hurst
Further info:Jamboree format, 4 boards, 4 rounds, 12 teams, BJCA grade bonus: 5
See also:Last Season's results (Thu, 11-Oct-2007)

Player Results Crosstab for all players (with grades)

Aldryngton A | Aldryngton B | Caversham A | Caversham B | Dolphin A | Dolphin B | Eagle House A | Eagle House B | Earley St. Peter's A | Earley St. Peter's B | Ridgeway A | Ridgeway B

NumName1234TotNew Grade
   Aldryngton A
1Giles Hutch (360)w21-b41=w36+w60=2371
2Becky Head (442)b12-w47-b37-b22-0426
3Hugh Williamsb53-b62=w8-w33+
4Phoebe Stainton (311)w19-w35+b14+b29+3330
   Aldryngton B
41Keshav Sankla (415)w46-w1=b60+b51+446
42Sam Hunt (420)b37-b32+w52-w27+2425
43Ross Bonnell (420)b23-b8+w13=b18-438
44Claire Brutonw29=w19-b34+w14-
   Caversham A
16Harvey Jensen (856)w11-w46=b26-b21=1844
17Jonathan Smith (667)w52+w61+w12+b32+4700
18Dimitris Kryvossidis (644)b62+b28+w38+w43+4663
19Harry Holt (459)b4+b44+2471
20Kate Bannister (504)b10-w24-0487
   Caversham B
51Matty Kemp (455)b60-w31+w41-1450
52Joshua Hankins (607)b17-w11-b42+1601
53Hugh Bannister (505)w3+w37-b28+2498
54Tom Childs (379)w14-b38-b7-0369
55Hannah Holtw9-b48-0
56Lizzie Smith (300)b24-w35-0301
   Dolphin A
6Adam Pearson (771)b26-w21=b46-b31+774
7Sebastian Hickman (720)w22+b12+w61+w54+4753
8Peter Robinson (648)b33+w43-b3+b38+3642
9Christian Green (523)w63+b55+w49+3537
10Thomas Robinson (522)w20+1539
   Dolphin B
36Varun Surib31+w26-b1-w11-1
37Miles Deans (527)w42+b53+w2+b61-3545
38William Pearson (540)w48=w54+b18-w8-542
39Henry Leakey (639)b24+b49+b63+3660
40Clare Pearson (504)w29=½509
   Eagle House A
11George Wilks (767)b16+b52+w21-b36+3792
12Jonathan Cope (733)w2+w7-b17-w47-1699
13Robin Vonchek (397)w28+b33+b43=w62+403
14Connor Kent Payne (586)b54+w24-w4-b44+2562
   Eagle House B
46Isaac Herring (723)b41+b16=w6+b26-748
47Luke Orechoff (698)w61+b2+w27+b12+4729
48Lucas Bamber (760)b38=b23-w33+w55+745
49George Arnold-Wallinger (429)w34+w39-w63+b9-2419
   Earley St. Peter's A
26William Foo (1103)w6+b36+w16+w46+41119
27Gabriel Osho (476)w32+b22-b47-b42-1457
28Luke Enfieldb13-w18-w53-w23-0
29Nikhil Kachhwahab44=b63+b40=w4-2
   Earley St. Peter's B
31Liam Duan (497)w36-w60+b51-w6-1498
32Matthew Le Croissetteb27-w42-b22-w17-0
33Oliver Ryan-Georgew8-w13-b48-b3-0
34Belinda Hendersonb49-w44-0
35Sharvanthe Puranikb4-b56+1
   Ridgeway A
21Edmond Lote (1053)b1+b6=b11+w16=31050
22Frazer Varady (716)b7-w27+w32+w2+3716
23Jonathan Matthews (755)w43+w48+b62+b28+4774
24William Bates (582)w39-b14+w56+b20+3601
   Ridgeway B
60Harun Abdullah (510)w51+b31-w41-b1=491
61Lewis Thomas (402)b47-b17-b7-w37+1413
62Cameron Searsw18-w3=w23-b13-½
63Joseph Gribbenb9-w29-b49-w39-0

  1. Num is simply a number assigned to the player at the start of the event.
  2. Each entry in the detail part of the table represents a match from the event.
  3. An entry consists of:
    • the colour used by the player as shown on the left of the row (w=white, b=black, in case you hadn't guessed)
    • the tournament number of the opponent (to find who the opponent actually was, look them up via the player num to name list given by the first two columns)
    • the result of the match (+: win, =: draw, -: loss).
    • empty results indicate that the player was a reserve for that round.
  4. If you hover your cursor over a match result, an information box will pop up giving details of the match.

Final Team Standings
1st Ridgeway A 13
2nd Dolphin A 12½
3rd= Caversham A 11
3rd= Eagle House B 11
5 Eagle House A
6 Dolphin B 9
7 Aldryngton B
8 Earley St. Peter's A 7
9 Aldryngton A
10 Caversham B 4
11 Ridgeway B 3
12 Earley St. Peter's B 2