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Berkshire Junior Chess

Match Detail
Results - Under 11 EPSCA Zone
Date, Location:Sat, 15-Mar-2008, Kennet School
Further info:Jamboree format, 20 boards (plus reserves), 3 rounds, 9 teams, BJCA grade bonus: 10 (for Berks players)
See also:News article, Last Season's results (Sat, 15-Mar-2008)

Final team standings below. Click on a team name for match details:
Berkshire | Buckinghamshire | Devon | Hampshire | Oxfordshire | Richmond | Somerset | Wey Valley | Wiltshire

Total Round 1    Round 2    Round 3
1Anna Wang 3Buckinghamshire1Hampshire1Richmond1
2Chantelle Foster 2Somerset½Berkshire½Wey Valley (1)1
3Nathan Sames 1Devon1Buckinghamshire (4)0Somerset0
4Daniel d'Souza Eva 3Wiltshire1Devon1Hampshire1
5Alex Anderton 2Berkshire1Richmond0Wiltshire1
6Irene Mathias 0Richmond0Somerset0Wey Valley0
7Bryce Jones 2Wey Valley0Hampshire1Devon1
8Gyu-Won Kim 3Wiltshire (7)1Buckinghamshire1Berkshire1
9Sif Fugger 2Somerset0Berkshire1Buckinghamshire1
10Zoe Vickers 0Devon0Wey Valley0Richmond0
11William Massam 2Wiltshire1Hampshire (12)½Wey Valley½
12Louis Hampden Berkshire½Wiltshire1Somerset0
13Hannah Vickers ½Richmond0Devon0Hampshire½
14Ruth Friedlander 1Hampshire1Buckinghamshire0Devon0
15Niall Devaney 2Somerset1Berkshire0Buckinghamshire1
16Oliver Oughton 2Wiltshire1Richmond (15)½Wey Valley½
17Ben Wooding 1Wey Valley0Devon1Berkshire (18)0
18Patrick McKenna 2Hampshire1Richmond1Somerset0
19Edward Noble 3Buckinghamshire1Wiltshire1Hampshire1
20Katherine Klemperer 2Devon (19)1Buckinghamshire1Wiltshire0
21Jonathan Allen 2* Devon0* Berkshire1* Somerset1
22Alicia Cordon * Wey Valley½* Somerset1* Richmond1
23Henry Phillips 2* Berkshire0* Wey Valley (22)1* Devon1
24Daniel Savage 1* Berkshire0 * Richmond (23)0 * Default1
Totals:35 13 11½ 10½
* - indicates a reserve board match

Final Team Standings
1st Wey Valley 47
2nd Richmond 42
3rd Berkshire 35 Third place awarded on tie break (more wins)
4 Oxfordshire 35
5 Somerset 34
6 Devon 24½
7 Hampshire 20½
8 Buckinghamshire 18
9 Wiltshire 14
The top 6 teams qualify for the final.